Posted by: Shini | November 28, 2010

What we will not be

Yes, they forgot to translate the entire page.

[19:46:34] [&Shini-tan] man, where is blah when you need to complain about scanlations
[19:46:37] [&Shini-tan] this page of gakuen alice
[19:46:41] [&Shini-tan] they forgot to translate the entire page
[19:46:59] [&Shini-tan] and it’s lolchinese so I can’t read it
[19:58:16] [&Shini-tan] oh god this chapter
[19:58:54] [&Shini-tan] “are you alowed to speak to me like that to me who coverd over someone’s stupid blunder?’
[20:00:16] [&Shini-tan] ‘where’s mikan who always appeaars in screaming moments like this?’
[20:00:21] [&Shini-tan] “just as plnned”
[20:00:28] [&Shini-tan] “tough I don’t think we’ll need to use it”
[20:00:41] [&Shini-tan] “now is the sprots festival!”
[20:01:04] [&Shini-tan] “infermery”
[20:01:51] [&Shini-tan] “sprots festival” again
[20:02:05] [&Shini-tan] “so it’s up to me and you to distroy this bad feeling”
[20:02:36] [&Shini-tan] they wrote hose instead of those
[20:02:39] [&Shini-tan] OH MY GOD
[20:02:44] [&Shini-tan] “last yeah” instead of “last year”
[20:03:22] [&Shini-tan] …
[20:03:29] [&Shini-tan] “all students uniforms turning read uding pink water”
[20:13:47] [&Shini-tan] “I am cerain”
[20:13:52] [&Shini-tan] “decing victory or defeat”
[20:14:12] [&Shini-tan] “discalification judgement”
[20:14:29] [&Shini-tan] how do they spell disqualification like that
[20:14:31] [&Shini-tan] and then spell it right
[20:14:33] [&Shini-tan] in the next panel
[20:24:06] [&Shini-tan] “furthermore, that principal in school seems like he does start it unawared isn’t it…….”
[20:24:11] [&Shini-tan] what does this sentence even mean
[20:40:28] [&Shini-tan] ……………
[20:40:29] [&Shini-tan] ANOTHER
[20:40:30] [&Shini-tan] UNTRANSLATED
[20:40:31] [&Shini-tan] PAGE
[20:40:32] [&Shini-tan] GOD
[20:40:32] [&Shini-tan] DAMMIT
[20:40:33] [&Shini-tan] WHY

And thus, we are now a scanlation group.



  1. Comic sans o/

  2. i only have one word for this… LMFAO… well that was a lot of words, but u get me ~w~

  3. One more for your collection:

    • I kinda had to guesslate that sound effect; it was either the click or the crashing in the background. Considering that the size of the text was quite small, I chose the “crash”. Well, we never promised perfect translation quality; just perfect English. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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