Posted by: Hats | January 28, 2011

Haruhi c22

Torrent | MU

A release only one day after the previous one, what.

[20:56:08] <@Hats> guys does anyone have anything to say about this chapter
[20:56:12] <@Hats> speak now or forever hold your peace etc
[20:56:15] <&Shini-tan> short chapter is short.
[20:56:18] <+blah1234> ^
[20:56:29] <@Hats> you forgot SHAMISEN IS THE GREATEST guys ._.
[20:56:39] <&Shini-tan> uh
[20:56:53] <&Shini-tan> see I’ve kinda had bad experiences with cats
[20:56:53] <&Shini-tan> so
[20:57:01] <+blah1234> hats, thats just you :/

Back me up here, isn’t Shamisen the greatest?


  1. Many thanks!

  2. imho, fast realeases are the greatest ~w~ thanks a lot *w*

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