Posted by: Blah | June 4, 2011

Madoka Magica c09

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Finally this series is back. Also, HanaIro 4 is a pain to clean and typeset, so that’ll still take a bit of time.

16:09 <@Bananafish> anyways
16:10 <@Bananafish> according to my dad I am still a growing boy
16:10 <+Aspirin> doubt it
16:10 <~Shini-tan> old story
16:10 <+Aspirin> you’ll stay that short for the rest of your life
16:10 <@Bananafish> hence “according to my dad”
16:10 <~Shini-tan> you’re supposed to continue
16:10 <~Shini-tan> unless that was it
16:10 <+Aspirin> looks like it
16:10 <@Bananafish> that was it
16:10 <~Shini-tan> …
16:10 <~Shini-tan> you’ve said that so many times already
16:10 <+Aspirin> how are we supposed to get decent logs if we go on like this?

This is why future logs will suck.


  1. Excellent. Thank you, gentlemen.

    • You left out 50% of the staff who worked on this chapter in your thanks. D:

  2. Thanks a lot fir this!
    I really love your release, such a great scanlation =)

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