Posted by: Blah | July 27, 2011

5 cm c10

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50th release! Have a completely unrelated picture. (Yeah, I know it says 49 on Manga Updates, but that’s because it counts our double release of 5 cm chapters 4 and 5 as one release. :/)

This chapter was actually done the day after we released chapter 9, but it was delayed 2 days at QC, and then 12 hours because Shini forgot to upload the final archive and then another 12 hours because I was sightseeing, lol.

Oh, and just a reminder, this is not the final chapter. The mangaka just had to make it a 50-page-long boring chapter about Kanae.

10:54 <@GUMI-chan> you should put a picture of zettai ryouiki
10:54 <@GUMI-chan> and be like
10:54 <@GUMI-chan> “hey, its 5 cms!”


  1. Thank you very much!!

  2. Thank you and congratulations for the 50 releases!^^ Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I actually like Kanae. I feel the movie didn’t cover her end in enough details. Looking forward to chapter 11 =D

  4. One more chapter! Thx as always. (^^)b

    Thanks for the picture too. It’s a good picture because it made me less depressed after I read the title of the post – 5cm 10.

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