Posted by: Blah | April 30, 2012

Obligatory status post because everything is going to be delayed for the next little while

Everything that needs to be typeset (i.e. Angel Beats and Kazumi) is delayed because Shini is busy playing TERA. As for our other projects:

  • Orgel: I have no idea when chapter 6 is coming out. Blame Japan.
  • Hanasaku Iroha: Recruiting cleaner/typesetting because Ziggy got busy with her own group and Shini doesn’t want to touch it due to the amount of :effort: it needs. Email us at shinitan [dot] scans [at] gmail [dot] com or bug us on IRC: #fang-tan on Rizon. Knowledge of Photoshop is a must (for obvious reasons). Prior experience and knowing a bit of Japanese is preferred but not required.

We’re also interested in picking up the Hyouka manga because Eru is moe, but there are no raws. Contact us if you have raws.


  1. Tera eh? Which server?

    I’m on Valley of Titans and having a blast.

    • They’re on Serpentis Isle.

      • I would play this game, but I’m afraid of it stealing all my time.


  2. I found Hyouka Chinese Raws and the raws are not that hard to edit since it was already translated to Chinese. Email me at If you want to see it or get it.

    • My Chinese is worse than my Japanese, and double translating is retarded.

  3. Oh ok…

    • Do you still need a translator for Chinese? I could give it a shot, everyone seems to have Japanese raws. But my Japanese is non-existent, and my chinese is pretty terrible. But I would appreciate the raws if you would give them to me.

  4. Not to rush you or stop your friend from playing TERA or anything, but Kazumi will be typeset, right?

    • Eventually. I’ve been bugging her to try to get some work done, but it’s not happening.

  5. So… it’s been two months already. Any updates?

    • Shini’s still playing TERA. ._.

  6. …so is Kazumi dropped?

    • No.

      • And now, half a year later?

        • I got someone to work on it, but they haven’t had time so it’s been going slowly.

          • Guess that’s better than nothing. It’s unfortunate when projects stall midway through. Especially when there ate no alternatives around. Or at least high quality alternatives in this case.

  7. Hey guys. Too bad you guys are on hiatus and stuff. I would like to help out, but I’m a bit swamped with my own projects.

    On another note, I’m going to pick up hyouka tomorrow. I could scan it for you guys if you’d like. Let me know if you’re interested.

    • It’s still not a for-sure thing that we’re going to actually scanlate it, given how we kinda lack a cleaner/typesetter at the moment, but that’d be great. Send it to shinitan [dot] scans [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!

      • Sorry for the huge delays. Got caught up with admin stuff. I’m finally getting around to scanning a lot of stuff, and I have hyouka debinded. It seems like it’s up at jcafe, but they’re at 1024px height LQ raws. Let me know if you still want to have me re-scan it. I can probably get it done by friday.

        • Yeah, those raws there are pretty eyecancerous. And as I thought, there’s walls of text everywhere orz. Well, if you have it debinded already, you might as well scan it and upload it somewhere in case any other group considers picking it up. Still on the fence as to whether or not I actually want to do this. Thanks again!

  8. I know here’s not the right to post this but did you guys drop Hanasaku Iroha?
    I’m thinking of requesting this project to my current Scanlator group, but is not a guarantee that it’ll be pick by my group but I just wanna know if is drop or not^^

    • It’s not dropped, just heavily stalled. We got someone who offered to help us typeset it, but it still probably won’t be done at a quick pace. After we’re done with this next chapter, which our new typesetter is working on, we could work on it as a joint if you and the rest of your group are interested.

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