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Kazumi Magica c18

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And with that, we finish volume 4. Haven’t seen any raws for volume 5 yet, so if you happen to have them, let us know. Until then, I guess we’ll take care of the other projects we’ve been neglecting.

[23:54:58] <@Enigmatic_Cube> I think we need one person
[23:54:59] <@Enigmatic_Cube> BLAH
[23:55:01] <@Enigmatic_Cube> YOu’RE WATCHING ANIME
[23:55:02] <@Enigmatic_Cube> AREn’T YOU
[23:55:03] <@Menma> uh
[23:55:05] <@Menma> i just finished
[23:55:05] <@Menma> lol
[23:55:11] <@Menma> i was gonna go back to studying
[23:55:13] <@Enigmatic_Cube> PLAY
[23:55:14] <@Enigmatic_Cube> NOW
[23:55:16] <@Menma> …
[23:55:23] <+meta`> studying on a saturday?!
[23:55:27] <@Menma> !shini select study no
[23:55:27] * %Shini-nyan chooses no.
[23:55:29] <@Menma> orz
[23:55:31] <+meta`> what are you, a good student?!
[23:55:33] <@Menma> yes
[23:55:34] <@Menma> ._.


  1. Thank you for your efforts. I hope you can find vol 5 scans soon. If you are interested, there are a few more Kazumi things you can translate while you wait.
    Such as the “Book of Witches” entry after ch14, and the comic on the inside cover of vol 4. If there are similar things on vols 1-3, I’m sure the fans would be most grateful if you could translate them too. You could release them along with the covers and other pages that weren’t included with the translated chapters.

    • Nah, I’m not going to go back to them. We’re already kinda unmotivated as it is, and Kazumi’s been officially licensed in English already anyway.

  2. just dropping by to say my thanks ;)

  3. :0

  4. Hey,

    Don’t really know if this is the right place to ask, but I couldn’t find anywhere better, so…I’m an uploader over at Dynasty-Scans, and I am writing today to request your permission to upload Shini-tan releases to our online reader. For what it’s worth, if you’ve never been over, we are 100% ad-free, and would of course give you credit for your work.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Sure, feel free.

      • Cool, thank you very much!

  5. Hi. I just passed to ask you if you’re just on a break or if the scan is over… I don’t want to hurry you or anything; I know how these things can be stressful. I just would like to know if I will be able to continue reading Hanasaku Iroha someday :o
    Thank you for everything.

  6. ded scans, ded translations, ded dreams

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