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Hanasaku Iroha c06

Torrent | MF | DDL
(MF link will be up when Shini gets home. Use this Dropbox link for now.) MF link added.

Before you ask, everything @ Shini (yes, she’s still playing TERA). Hopefully we’ll be back on track starting September because then we’ll be back at school and she’ll have the whole day to slack off.

[14:59:17] <+meta`> [13:29] <+TsunTsun> Did the bread show rise to your expectation? <- i see what you did there :u [14:59:45] <+TsunTsun> I have a rye sense of humor.
[15:01:17] <+meta`> doughhoho
[15:01:40] <+TsunTsun> Puns tend to be my bread and butter, you could say.
[15:02:16] <+TsunTsun> Back to loafing around~
[15:03:06] <+meta`> i knead to go find lunch myself
[15:03:49] <@Enigmatic_Cube> o:
[15:03:54] <@Enigmatic_Cube> my job here is done
[15:03:57] <@Enigmatic_Cube> I am no longer needed


  1. You’re still alive!

  2. I was worried you were gone for good!

  3. Glad to see you guys back in action. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  4. In my defence, I have a harem of mizugi-wearing lolis to attend to.

    • Not that I’d ever want to barge in and ruin someone’s mizugi-wearing loli paradise, but is there any chance of seeing you in action again at some point in the future? I only ask because I really enjoyed Kazumi and stuff.

      Thanks for all the great work you’ve done!

  5. where?

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