Posted by: Blah | August 1, 2011

5 cm c11 + Kazumi c07

5 cm: Torrent | MU
Kazumi: Torrent | MU

Finally done 5 cm. Batch with fixes coming soon-ish because this series was such a pain to translate.

Oh right, and there is a status thingy that will be more or less updated in the sidebar, so stop asking us/querying Shini about when stuff will be released.

[23:21:42] <~Shini-tan> BLAH WHEN YOU READ THIS
[23:21:46] <~Shini-tan> I WAS UPLOADING 5CM TO FTP
[23:21:51] <~Shini-tan> I WAITED AND WAITED FOR IT TO FINISH
[23:21:55] <~Shini-tan> IT D/C-ED AT 99.9%
[23:21:57] <~Shini-tan> I AM GOING TO SLEEP


  1. Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Thanks for the chapter. The torment is now complete.

    And goodnight to Shini. :D

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    Looking forward to the batch release

  4. is this 5cm’s last chapter?

  5. thank you very much this last chapter is a little boring but at least it’s a happier ending than the movie

    Too bad for toono he didn’t meet akari after all but life is life

  6. Thank you for translating this manga, I’m really grateful to you.

  7. soo all the links are dead

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