Posted by: Blah | January 22, 2013

Kazumi c17

Torrent | MF | DDL

19:19 <@Enigmatic_Cube> man can’t I type an english name for criminal girls :(
19:19 <+LimeD3> aww.. thats just… criminal!
19:20 <+LimeD3> (yes I know I just had to say it)
19:20 <@Enigmatic_Cube> its a lameD3 pun
19:24 <+LimeD3> indeed, but sometimes its betterto leave things unenigmatic
19:24 <@Enigmatic_Cube> we should stop before this conversation turns sour
19:27 <+LimeD3> aww, there’s no pun in that, don’t be so square
19:33 <@Enigmatic_Cube> I’m afraid the topic is not ripe enough, it would be more fruitful to have a different topic to talk about.
19:40 <+LimeD3> I’d put a lid on it, but it seems its already flowing out of the box
19:43 <~Shini-tan> see
19:43 <~Shini-tan> it happened anyway
19:44 <@Menma> i was waiting for when someone would say something in between their lines
19:44 <@Enigmatic_Cube> shini said so as if shinided to interrupt
19:45 <~Shini-tan> fssfsdggjhkjlk
19:51 <+LimeD3> well, it could be worse we could’ve gotten into darker humour where things aren’t often too shini
19:51 <~Shini-tan> guys
19:51 <~Shini-tan> I did not mean
19:51 <@Menma> lol shiny-tan
19:51 <~Shini-tan> to bring ME into the puns
19:55 <@Enigmatic_Cube> its because her name is so tan-gible in different ways that we had to do it
19:56 <~Shini-tan> that doesn’t beep me
19:56 <~Shini-tan> so I’m fine
19:56 <@Enigmatic_Cube> shinids to be beeped?
19:57 <+LimeD3> lol, yeah it makes it so much more fun and easier to think of things outside of the box
19:57 <~Shini-tan> that doesn’t beep me either
19:58 <@Enigmatic_Cube> it will go beyond our bounds, our dimensions – we’ll move from D3 to D4
19:58 <~Shini-tan> will you stop if I play mahjong
19:59 <+LimeD3> yeah, its no fun if we only go for the low hanging fruit :O
19:59 <@Enigmatic_Cube> yes.
20:00 <~Shini-tan> fml


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