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Kazumi Magica c18

Torrent | MF | DDL

And with that, we finish volume 4. Haven’t seen any raws for volume 5 yet, so if you happen to have them, let us know. Until then, I guess we’ll take care of the other projects we’ve been neglecting.

[23:54:58] <@Enigmatic_Cube> I think we need one person
[23:54:59] <@Enigmatic_Cube> BLAH
[23:55:01] <@Enigmatic_Cube> YOu’RE WATCHING ANIME
[23:55:02] <@Enigmatic_Cube> AREn’T YOU
[23:55:03] <@Menma> uh
[23:55:05] <@Menma> i just finished
[23:55:05] <@Menma> lol
[23:55:11] <@Menma> i was gonna go back to studying
[23:55:13] <@Enigmatic_Cube> PLAY
[23:55:14] <@Enigmatic_Cube> NOW
[23:55:16] <@Menma> …
[23:55:23] <+meta`> studying on a saturday?!
[23:55:27] <@Menma> !shini select study no
[23:55:27] * %Shini-nyan chooses no.
[23:55:29] <@Menma> orz
[23:55:31] <+meta`> what are you, a good student?!
[23:55:33] <@Menma> yes
[23:55:34] <@Menma> ._.

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Kazumi c17

Torrent | MF | DDL

19:19 <@Enigmatic_Cube> man can’t I type an english name for criminal girls :(
19:19 <+LimeD3> aww.. thats just… criminal!
19:20 <+LimeD3> (yes I know I just had to say it)
19:20 <@Enigmatic_Cube> its a lameD3 pun
19:24 <+LimeD3> indeed, but sometimes its betterto leave things unenigmatic
19:24 <@Enigmatic_Cube> we should stop before this conversation turns sour
19:27 <+LimeD3> aww, there’s no pun in that, don’t be so square
19:33 <@Enigmatic_Cube> I’m afraid the topic is not ripe enough, it would be more fruitful to have a different topic to talk about.
19:40 <+LimeD3> I’d put a lid on it, but it seems its already flowing out of the box
19:43 <~Shini-tan> see
19:43 <~Shini-tan> it happened anyway
19:44 <@Menma> i was waiting for when someone would say something in between their lines
19:44 <@Enigmatic_Cube> shini said so as if shinided to interrupt
19:45 <~Shini-tan> fssfsdggjhkjlk
19:51 <+LimeD3> well, it could be worse we could’ve gotten into darker humour where things aren’t often too shini
19:51 <~Shini-tan> guys
19:51 <~Shini-tan> I did not mean
19:51 <@Menma> lol shiny-tan
19:51 <~Shini-tan> to bring ME into the puns
19:55 <@Enigmatic_Cube> its because her name is so tan-gible in different ways that we had to do it
19:56 <~Shini-tan> that doesn’t beep me
19:56 <~Shini-tan> so I’m fine
19:56 <@Enigmatic_Cube> shinids to be beeped?
19:57 <+LimeD3> lol, yeah it makes it so much more fun and easier to think of things outside of the box
19:57 <~Shini-tan> that doesn’t beep me either
19:58 <@Enigmatic_Cube> it will go beyond our bounds, our dimensions – we’ll move from D3 to D4
19:58 <~Shini-tan> will you stop if I play mahjong
19:59 <+LimeD3> yeah, its no fun if we only go for the low hanging fruit :O
19:59 <@Enigmatic_Cube> yes.
20:00 <~Shini-tan> fml

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Kazumi Magica c15-16

Chapter 15: Torrent | MF | DDL
Chapter 16: Torrent | MF | DDL

It’s been a while, yes. We’ve switched over to tank scans since they were out and I guess look better than the magazine ones. On that note, re-releasing previous chapters with tank scans is probably not happening since we clearly don’t have the time, willpower or manpower to go through with that.

Chapter 17 should be out soon-ish. At the very least, it won’t be another 10-month gap.

Oh, and recruiting cleaner/typesetter who wants to work on Angel Beats.

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Hanasaku Iroha c06

Torrent | MF | DDL
(MF link will be up when Shini gets home. Use this Dropbox link for now.) MF link added.

Before you ask, everything @ Shini (yes, she’s still playing TERA). Hopefully we’ll be back on track starting September because then we’ll be back at school and she’ll have the whole day to slack off.

[14:59:17] <+meta`> [13:29] <+TsunTsun> Did the bread show rise to your expectation? <- i see what you did there :u [14:59:45] <+TsunTsun> I have a rye sense of humor.
[15:01:17] <+meta`> doughhoho
[15:01:40] <+TsunTsun> Puns tend to be my bread and butter, you could say.
[15:02:16] <+TsunTsun> Back to loafing around~
[15:03:06] <+meta`> i knead to go find lunch myself
[15:03:49] <@Enigmatic_Cube> o:
[15:03:54] <@Enigmatic_Cube> my job here is done
[15:03:57] <@Enigmatic_Cube> I am no longer needed

Everything that needs to be typeset (i.e. Angel Beats and Kazumi) is delayed because Shini is busy playing TERA. As for our other projects:

  • Orgel: I have no idea when chapter 6 is coming out. Blame Japan.
  • Hanasaku Iroha: Recruiting cleaner/typesetting because Ziggy got busy with her own group and Shini doesn’t want to touch it due to the amount of :effort: it needs. Email us at shinitan [dot] scans [at] gmail [dot] com or bug us on IRC: #fang-tan on Rizon. Knowledge of Photoshop is a must (for obvious reasons). Prior experience and knowing a bit of Japanese is preferred but not required.

We’re also interested in picking up the Hyouka manga because Eru is moe, but there are no raws. Contact us if you have raws.

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c17

Torrent | MF | DDL

Too lazy to find something interesting to put on this post. Back to studying for exams orz

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c16

We have nothing witty to say, so have a picture of Cure Poison.

Torrent | MF | DDL

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c15

Torrent | MF | DDL

lol, we sure took our time with this, didn’t we? Anyway, hopefully we’ll get the rest of this volume out soon enough.

Oh, and sorry for not having anything for April Fool’s; we didn’t have any particularly interesting ideas.

[19:57:07] <~Shini-tan>
[19:57:10] <~Shini-tan> THIS GAME WAS MADE FOR ME
[19:57:10] <~Shini-tan>
[19:57:12] <~Shini-tan> EXCEPT OCD
[20:54:21] <~Shini-tan> okay so
[20:54:25] <~Shini-tan> I finally solve my ocd
[20:54:30] <~Shini-tan> and get perfect on every one
[20:54:31] <~Shini-tan> and then
[20:54:34] <~Shini-tan> this shit
[20:54:40] <~Shini-tan> this game sucks
[20:55:42] <@Menma> …lol
[21:05:15] <+meta`> did you really do that for an hour?
[21:06:31] <~Shini-tan> I did other stuff and came back to it
[21:06:41] <~Shini-tan> I probably played it like 3 times after the first one?
[21:06:57] <~Shini-tan> well, I refreshed whenever I didn’t get perfect
[21:07:09] <+meta`> so diligent
[21:07:43] <~Shini-tan> it’s ocd. but apparently (10+10+10+10+10+10)/6 = 9.9
[21:09:30] <+meta`> you musta messed up somewhere
[21:09:37] <+meta`> try for all perfects again
[21:10:00] <+meta`> :D
[21:10:15] <~Shini-tan> not touching this game ever again
[21:10:18] <~Shini-tan> it has betrayed my trust

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Kazumi Magica c14

Torrent | MF | DDL

Angel Beats is just being held up because of Kamidori. It’ll be out when Shini finishes it / temporarily ragequits because she can’t finish one of the missions.

[20:39:03] * Millhiore is now known as Yui-nyan
[20:39:09] <@Yui-nyan> i have pink hair
[20:39:12] <@Yui-nyan> now
[20:39:21] <~Shini-tan> you had pink hair before too.
[20:39:26] <@Yui-nyan> YEAH BUT
[20:39:29] <~Shini-tan> but?
[20:39:30] <@Yui-nyan> NOW I HAVE A TAIL
[20:39:35] <~Shini-tan> …
[20:39:36] <@Yui-nyan> ..
[20:39:37] <~Shini-tan> um
[20:39:41] <@Yui-nyan> that’s it
[20:39:42] <@Menma> …
[20:39:47] <~Shini-tan> this is your own fault
[20:39:50] <@Yui-nyan> wan
[20:39:51] <@Yui-nyan> uh
[20:39:52] <@Yui-nyan> nyaa

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Kazumi Magica c13

Torrent | MF | DDL

Holy crap we released on time for once. Anyway, old torrents are down because Nyaa’s trackers died. Everything should be uploaded to the DDL eventually. Please try to use MF if you can; we don’t want to get taken down for something like this.

[01:22:25] <%Sodium> actually, whoa, you’re still awake =V
[01:22:28] <@Menma> uh
[01:22:34] <@Menma> i was gonna only stay up until 1
[01:22:36] <@Menma> but then :scanlations:
[01:22:47] <~Shini-tan> 1am is nothing
[01:22:57] <@Menma> shini, this is me we’re talking about here
[01:23:04] <@Menma> also i woke up at 8 toady
[01:23:07] <@Menma> *today
[01:23:16] <%Sodium> I wish I could wake up at 8 now
[01:23:20] <~Shini-tan> if you were a fansubber would you stay up until 5am
[01:23:26] <@Menma> :/
[01:23:30] <@Menma> thats why i dont fansub
[01:23:46] <%Sodium> instead alarms every 5 to 15 minutes for an hour still don’t get me out of bed =V
[01:24:19] <~Shini-tan> sleep deprivation is an indirect prerequisite to internet fame

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