Posted by: Blah | February 4, 2012

Kazumi Magica c13

Torrent | MF | DDL

Holy crap we released on time for once. Anyway, old torrents are down because Nyaa’s trackers died. Everything should be uploaded to the DDL eventually. Please try to use MF if you can; we don’t want to get taken down for something like this.

[01:22:25] <%Sodium> actually, whoa, you’re still awake =V
[01:22:28] <@Menma> uh
[01:22:34] <@Menma> i was gonna only stay up until 1
[01:22:36] <@Menma> but then :scanlations:
[01:22:47] <~Shini-tan> 1am is nothing
[01:22:57] <@Menma> shini, this is me we’re talking about here
[01:23:04] <@Menma> also i woke up at 8 toady
[01:23:07] <@Menma> *today
[01:23:16] <%Sodium> I wish I could wake up at 8 now
[01:23:20] <~Shini-tan> if you were a fansubber would you stay up until 5am
[01:23:26] <@Menma> :/
[01:23:30] <@Menma> thats why i dont fansub
[01:23:46] <%Sodium> instead alarms every 5 to 15 minutes for an hour still don’t get me out of bed =V
[01:24:19] <~Shini-tan> sleep deprivation is an indirect prerequisite to internet fame


  1. Thanks alot guys for the release keep up the great work :)

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