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Kazumi Magica c14

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Angel Beats is just being held up because of Kamidori. It’ll be out when Shini finishes it / temporarily ragequits because she can’t finish one of the missions.

[20:39:03] * Millhiore is now known as Yui-nyan
[20:39:09] <@Yui-nyan> i have pink hair
[20:39:12] <@Yui-nyan> now
[20:39:21] <~Shini-tan> you had pink hair before too.
[20:39:26] <@Yui-nyan> YEAH BUT
[20:39:29] <~Shini-tan> but?
[20:39:30] <@Yui-nyan> NOW I HAVE A TAIL
[20:39:35] <~Shini-tan> …
[20:39:36] <@Yui-nyan> ..
[20:39:37] <~Shini-tan> um
[20:39:41] <@Yui-nyan> that’s it
[20:39:42] <@Menma> …
[20:39:47] <~Shini-tan> this is your own fault
[20:39:50] <@Yui-nyan> wan
[20:39:51] <@Yui-nyan> uh
[20:39:52] <@Yui-nyan> nyaa


  1. Hi just wanted to ask if they continue with the manga Kowarekake Orgel not because I really liked your translation.
    Thank you for translating.

    • Chapter 6 isn’t out in Japan yet; the release date keeps getting pushed back. It’ll probably be released sometime in April.

  2. ok, thank you Blah

  3. thanks for the release.

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