Posted by: Shini | January 23, 2012

RE: MU/FS/FS/etc (again)

Screw it.

This situation obviously isn’t going to be getting any better, so I guess we’ll just leave it with MF for now. Most of our releases are available on online readers anyway. I’ll see about setting up a makeshift bot on IRC since I have a university line I can take advantage of, but no guarantees it’ll work.

If MF closes up shop then I guess DDLs are just doomed.

Edit: In my apathy, I forgot to mention the context. Fileserve and Filesonic have both stopped providing file sharing services, as well as many other file hosting sites out there. Not a good week for the DDL world.

Blah edit (Jan. 27): It looks like Fileserve links work again. I have no idea when they re-enabled sharing though.


  1. can use rapidshare?

    • Rapidshare has built a pretty bad reputation for itself because of how bad it was in the past. Also, they tend to delete stuff fairly quickly.

  2. Mediafire is still available if that helps.

  3. *Facepalm*
    I just figured MF stood for Mediafire.
    How silly of me.

    Torrenting is still an option.

    • Unfortunately, we don’t have a seedbox or anything of that sort, so not all of our torrents are seeded properly. Furthermore, all of us are in university right now, meaning that if we seed or even torrent in general, we’d get kicked off the network.

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