Posted by: Shini | January 23, 2012

RE: MU/FS/FS/etc (again)

Screw it.

This situation obviously isn’t going to be getting any better, so I guess we’ll just leave it with MF for now. Most of our releases are available on online readers anyway. I’ll see about setting up a makeshift bot on IRC since I have a university line I can take advantage of, but no guarantees it’ll work.

If MF closes up shop then I guess DDLs are just doomed.

Edit: In my apathy, I forgot to mention the context. Fileserve and Filesonic have both stopped providing file sharing services, as well as many other file hosting sites out there. Not a good week for the DDL world.

Blah edit (Jan. 27): It looks like Fileserve links work again. I have no idea when they re-enabled sharing though.

Posted by: Shini | January 19, 2012

RE: Megaupload being shut down

You may have already noticed that MU has been shut down today, effectively rendering all of our DDLs useless. We will be re-uploading all releases to different file hosting sites, but this is a lengthy process so it will take some time.

In the meantime, if there are any releases that you want to be re-uploaded sooner, post them in the comments and I’ll do those ones first.

Posted by: Blah | January 6, 2012

Kazumi Magica c12

Torrent | MU

Oh boy, copying lines straight out of our Madoka release.

[18:07:18] <~Shini-tan> it’s supposed to be “leadership activities” apparently
[18:07:24] <@Menma> oh
[18:08:05] <@GUMI-chan> running a scanlation and vn translation site are leadership activities
[18:08:20] <@Menma> if only
[18:08:23] <@Menma> we could put those
[18:08:35] <~Shini-tan> I ILLEGALLY SCANLATE MANGA
[18:08:40] <~Shini-tan> AND TRANSLATE EROGE
[18:08:46] <@Menma> HIRE ME
[18:08:49] <%Sodium> =V

Posted by: Shini | January 3, 2012

Kowarekake no Orgel c05

Introducing Flower's tsundere rival, Misaka Mikoto.

Torrent | MU

Happy belated new year from Shini-tan Scans! Our New Year’s resolution this year is to have a timely release schedul– HAHAHA YEAH RIGHT.

Kazumi will be out sometime in the near future.

[02:20:38] <&Crimson> Oh boy, so I get a box.
[02:20:39] <&Crimson> Yay.
[02:20:42] <&Crimson> Box it up nicely for me.
[02:20:50] <+Giroro> yes
[02:20:54] <+Giroro> with this nice amnesia poster

Posted by: Blah | December 12, 2011

Kazumi Magica c11

Torrent | MU

Delays caused by exams and Shini having to learn an entire course in a week. Oh, and the usual slacking of course.

09:16 <&Crimson> If Steven Kenneth Bonnell II gets elected as the next president
09:16 <&Crimson> I’m fucking transferring to uT.
09:16 <~Kaguya|zz> lol
09:16 <+SwiftBud> isnt he a sc 2 player
09:17 <&Crimson> Yes, he-
09:17 <+SwiftBud> yo i would totally be down with him as president
09:17 <&Crimson> Oh god
09:17 <&Crimson> wrong name.
09:17 <~Kaguya|zz> lolol
09:17 <&Crimson> Rick Perry.
09:17 <%Sodium> …
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOL]
09:17 <&Crimson> THAT bastard needs to be put down.
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOOOOOOOOOOOL
09:17 <~Kaguya|zz> …..
09:17 <%Sodium> wtf Crimson
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOAOOOOOOL
09:17 <+SwiftBud> THAT IS SUCH A BIG
09:17 <+SwiftBud> DIFFERENE
09:17 <+SwiftBud> CE
09:17 <%Sodium> =V
09:17 <+SwiftBud> IN PERSON
09:17 <&Crimson> Oy, SB.
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOL
09:17 <&Crimson> Everyone makes mistakes.
09:17 <+SwiftBud> fuck
09:17 <+SwiftBud> you made me spit water
09:17 <+SwiftBud> all over
09:17 <+SwiftBud> my
09:17 <+SwiftBud> reference sheet
09:18 <&Crimson> Good, I hope you fucking fail.

Posted by: Blah | November 26, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha c05

Torrent | MU

Bet you thought that you’d never see this right? No, this isn’t because Underwater released the last 7 episodes of the anime of this a few days ago (100% coincidence, I swear). Anyway, the reason that this took so long is that we got a new typesetter for this series, Ziggy of Soba Scans (NSFW). She ended up having other stuff to do with her own group, but that’s all right because she went all out typesetting this (and Shini doesn’t want to touch this because of the massive amount of effort this series needs). Enjoy.

Chapters 6+ will probably still take a while because of other issues.

00:09 <~Shini-tan> gg crimson
00:09 <&Crimson> Oh.
00:09 <&Crimson> My.
00:09 <&Crimson> God.
00:09 <~Shini-tan> he got gifted amnesia
00:09 <&Crimson> OH.
00:09 <&Crimson> MY.
00:09 <&Crimson> GOD.
00:09 <~Shini-tan> it’s okay crimson
00:09 <~Shini-tan> when they make a sequel
00:09 <~Shini-tan> I’ll gift you that, too

Posted by: Shini | November 20, 2011

So apparently we’ve been scanlating for a year now

To commemorate our 1-year anniversary here at Shini-tan Scans, we’ve started a new VN translation group – Kohaku Translations. If you’re interested in white-haired, twintailed shinigami, be sure to check that out.

I don’t really have anything to say here, so have some Kohaku:

Blah edit: P.S. Sorry, we don’t have a special release for you guys or anything.

Posted by: Blah | November 9, 2011

Kazumi Magica c10

Torrent | MU

Note: Due to WordPress’s new link filtering system, all MU links on individual posts prior to this one are essentially dead. If you need a specific release, go to the Projects page. We’re currently working on changing them into Tinyurls so that they still work.
Edit: lol they work again.

Just an extra note that didn’t really fit in anywhere in the chapter: the title of this chapter is “Chichinpurin” in Japanese, a pun on “Chichinpui”, which has been translated throughout the series as “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”. In keeping with the food puns in the chapter titles, “purin” means “pudding”; however, as this wasn’t easily translatable into English, we left it as is. Taking suggestions for how to localize it for volume releases (if we ever get around to those *cough*donate for a tablet pen*cough*).

In other news, Nored bought 90 boxes of jello and we’re sending a 2kg box of candy over to Korea.

10:12 <+Noredv3> SO HOW MUCH JELLO CAN I FIT
10:12 <~Shini-tan> 1 only
10:13 <+Noredv3> k then yea guess i wont bring any then :V
10:13 <~Shini-tan> bring 5
10:13 <@Crimson> More candy, hoora-
10:13 <@Crimson> wat
10:13 <~Shini-tan> I’ll take care of the other 4
10:13 <@Crimson> lol
10:13 <+Noredv3> :<
10:13 <@Crimson> Trolling at its finest.
10:13 <%KanameMadoka> shini you don’t have a fridge do you
10:13 <~Shini-tan> yes
10:13 <~Shini-tan> I do
10:13 <@Crimson> Shini you don’t have a microwave do you
10:13 <~Shini-tan> yes
10:13 <~Shini-tan> I do
10:13 <@Crimson> Shini you don’t get much sleep do you
10:13 <~Shini-tan> ye—
10:13 <~Shini-tan> I see what you did there.

Posted by: Shini | October 30, 2011

Kowarekake no Orgel c04

Torrent | MU

Chapter delayed because:
1) I forgot to typeset (lol)
2) The battery in my mouse died halfway through and I had to typeset the rest with a touchpad
3) Apparently we have to do actual work in university (?)

Enjoy your twintailed Flower with mizugi.

[21:15:00] <~Shini-tan> .w
[21:15:01] <+Internets> :: Kitchener, Ontario :: Conditions Clear :: Temperature 0C / 32F :: Wind chill -2C / 28F :: Dew point -2C / 28F :: Pressure 1019mb / 30.09in :: Humidity 87% :: Visibility 14.5km / 9.0mi :: Wind from NNW at 8.0km/h / 5 mph :: Last updated on October 27, 9:00 PM EDT ::
[21:15:02] <%Menma> .w toronto
[21:15:03] <+Internets> :: Toronto, Ontario :: Conditions Clear :: Temperature 3C / 37F :: Dew point -2C / 28F :: Pressure 1018mb / 30.07in :: Humidity 70% :: Visibility 14.5km / 9.0mi :: Wind from West at 9.6km/h / 6 mph :: Last updated on October 27, 9:00 PM EDT ::
[21:15:04] <~Shini-tan> fml
[21:15:12] <~Shini-tan> blah give me 3 degrees
[21:15:22] * Menma is now known as Shini-tan^3
[21:15:24] <~Shini-tan> …
[21:15:26] <~Shini-tan> that was
[21:15:27] <~Shini-tan> awful
[21:15:33] * Shini-tan sets mode: -h Shini-tan^3
[21:15:35] <~Shini-tan> I had to tab 3 times
[21:15:36] <~Shini-tan> to get that

Posted by: Blah | October 7, 2011

Kazumi Magica c09

Torrent | MU

Delays, delays. Well, enjoy. Hanairo is about 50% typeset but being even more delayed because of :reasons:.

<@[Helix]> now
<@[Helix]> for my
<@[Helix]> question
<@[Helix]> does anyone know
<@[Helix]> how to make
<~Shini-tan> google it
<@[Helix]> fine
<@Enigmatic_Cube> V:
<@[Helix]> nvm

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