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Kowarekake no Orgel c03

Torrent | MU

Chapter immensely delayed for various reasons, including university, slacking, VNs, anime, hard drives, Hats and just :life: in general. Hopefully chapter 4 will not face these delays.


19:15 <%Sodium> anyways, I turned on my comp, and reached for the mouse
19:15 <%Sodium> and was wondering why it wsan’t there
19:16 <~Shini-tan> sodium you forgot the punchline.
19:16 <@Enigmatic_Cube> yea
19:16 <%Sodium> =V
19:16 <@Enigmatic_Cube> he did.
19:16 <~Shini-tan> sodium we were all waiting
19:16 <~Shini-tan> and it never came
19:16 <%Sodium> oh well
19:16 <~Shini-tan> …
19:16 <~Shini-tan> don’t just ‘oh well’
19:16 <~Shini-tan> you have to finish the story
19:16 <@Enigmatic_Cube> sodium you’re pretty cruel
19:16 <+Giroro> sodium is the ultimate troll
19:17 <%Sodium> well, it was just in my bag =V
19:17 <%Sodium> but that’s boring
19:17 <%Sodium> clearly it’d be better if I forgot it at home
19:17 <+Giroro> FUCK YOU
19:17 <%Sodium> sorry =V
19:18 <@Enigmatic_Cube> sodium you should have said
19:18 <@Enigmatic_Cube> “I didn’t find a mouse”
19:18 <@Enigmatic_Cube> “but instead I found chlorine”
19:18 <%Sodium> …
19:18 <~Shini-tan> …
19:18 <@Enigmatic_Cube> “and turned into sodium chloride!”
19:18 <%Blah> …
19:18 <~Shini-tan> that was so bad
19:18 <~Shini-tan> so very very very bad

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door vol2 batch

Torrent | MU

So uh, looks like we missed page 29 on our original chapter releases, so if you don’t want to redownload the entire thing, here it is. (You probably want it; it’s pretty important-looking.)

[20:35:24] <%Sodium> I’m still not sure of my answer for 7 =V
[20:35:33] <%Enigmatic_Cube> IT’S 49!
[20:36:21] <%Sodium> you would think that cube would prefer cubing numbers rather than squaring them
[20:36:36] <~Shini-tan> lolol
[20:39:54] <%Enigmatic_Cube> 49 is just the answer to the universe that’s all.
[20:40:00] <%Sodium> Enigmatic_Cube: that’s 42
[20:40:02] <%Enigmatic_Cube> technically it is the cube of some number
[20:40:04] <%Enigmatic_Cube> oh right.
[20:40:05] <%Enigmatic_Cube> LOL

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c14 + Omake

Torrent | MU

Finally done. I’m guessing volume 3 comes out in 6 months ish from now? Hanairo is slowly being worked on.

[23:58:09] <%Menma> k uh, need a log
[23:58:16] <~Shini-tan> uh
[23:58:30] <~Shini-tan> ^ that

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Kazumi Magica c08

Torrent | MU

Yeah, okay, we’ve stalled this for long enough. Blame delays on Hats for not proofreading this for a week. Angel Beats 14/Omake will be out whenever Shini decides to start typesetting it.

[12:06:02] <%Menma> clearly
[12:06:06] <%Menma> i will be homura
[12:06:08] <%Menma> and turn back time
[12:06:22] <+Crimson> Yes, definit-
[12:06:26] <+Crimson> Who are you
[12:06:57] <%Menma> wat
[12:07:12] <+Crimson> Answer me.
[12:07:18] <+Crimson> Who are you
[12:07:19] <%Menma> wat
[12:07:24] <%Menma> who else
[12:07:44] <+Crimson> *sigh*
[12:08:11] <%Sodium> lolwut
[12:08:11] <+Crimson> Why, or rather, how are you on Menma?
[12:08:20] <%Menma> …
[12:08:31] <%Menma> wtf
[12:08:34] <%Menma> im not hats
[12:08:47] <+Crimson> You’re…not?
[12:08:51] <%Menma> …
[12:08:52] <%Menma> wtf
[12:08:52] <%Sodium> that’s blah
[12:08:54] <%Menma> ^
[12:08:55] <+Crimson> Well, fuck.
[12:09:08] <+Crimson> You sounded like him for a while.
[12:09:11] <+Crimson> Seriously.
[12:09:23] <+Crimson> Go die in a fire blah.

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c13

Torrent | MU

18:46 <~Shini-tan> GAH AFK
18:46 <~Shini-tan> wait
18:46 <~Shini-tan> NOW I’m going afk
18:46 <%Menma> …………
18:47 <%Menma> SHINI WHY
18:47 <%Sodium> she actually won while afk
18:47 <%Sodium> gg blah
18:47 <+Aspirin> …
18:47 <%Menma> fml
18:47 <%Sodium> guys, use that as the log for your release
18:47 <%Sodium> =V
18:48 <~Shini-tan> BACK
18:48 <~Shini-tan> DID I WIN
18:48 <~Shini-tan> OH LOL
18:48 <~Shini-tan> YOU GUYS
18:48 <~Shini-tan> YOUR POINTS
18:48 <%Sodium> yeah
18:48 <~Shini-tan> HAHAHA
18:48 <%Sodium> against blah

P.S. This was a game of online mahjong between Shini, Sodium and me.

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c12

Torrent | MU

<%Enigmatic_Cube> vectors!
<%Enigmatic_Cube> ----------------->
<~Shini-tan> enig likes his visual diagrams.
<~Shini-tan> draw a sine wave now
<%Enigmatic_Cube> uh
<%Enigmatic_Cube> lets see
<%Enigmatic_Cube> ^v^v^v^v^v
<%Enigmatic_Cube> close enough?

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c11

Torrent | MU

Yeah, we know Kazumi tank raws are out. No, it won’t be done anytime soon, because everything needs to be retypeset, and chapter 2 had close to 200 SFX.

12:53 <%Shini-nyan> blah
12:54 <%Shini-nyan> should I bother sending syao ch10
12:54 <%Menma> uh, shes in england right
12:54 <%Shini-nyan> she is somewhere in europe
12:54 <%Menma> yeah i dont think shes been online either so…
12:54 <@GUMI-chan> she has “good grief!” syndrome V:

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c10

Torrent | MU

Grief Syndrome lap 26 is hard. :/ Well, it’s probably just me sucking at the game.

[22:08:51] <~Shini-tan> …
[22:10:02] <~Shini-tan> guys help
[22:10:07] <~Shini-tan> how do I get down
[22:10:18] <%Menma> rofl
[22:10:24] <%Menma> run to the edges?
[22:10:28] <~Shini-tan> does’nt work
[22:10:28] <+Enigmatic_Cube> ….lol.
[22:10:30] <~Shini-tan> I can’t go past them
[22:10:33] <+Enigmatic_Cube> wait for them to come to you?
[22:10:36] <%Menma> lol gg
[22:10:39] <%Menma> yeah what enig said
[22:10:43] <~Shini-tan> time = points
[22:11:03] <+Enigmatic_Cube> not as much as getting hit
[22:11:13] <+Enigmatic_Cube> by counting soul points you probably have more than a week’s worth of time

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Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c09

Torrent | MU

In other news, releases may or may not be delayed because we’re all too busy playing Grief Syndrome.

[20:41:24] <~Shini-tan> what does the p in spf stand for
[20:41:30] <+Nored> form?
[20:41:35] <~Shini-tan> isn’t that f.

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Angel Beats c08 + 5 cm vol2 batch

AB: Torrent | MU
5 cm: Torrent | MU

First off, I would like to apologize for being such a crappy translator for 5 cm. Honestly, it was a really tough series to translate, and I’m definitely glad it’s over, but some of the mistakes I made when translating this second volume were really, really dumb, probably because I was trying to rush to finish it before I left on my vacation. There were just too many pages to fix, so we’re not releasing the fixed pages separately. If you already downloaded the chapters individually as we released them, please delete those and download this batch, because some of the changes were quite major. Hopefully we’ve managed to catch most, if not all, of the major errors in our initial release, and thank you for supporting us.

tl;dr download the 5 cm batch; o9k errors in our initial release

Secondly, in Angel Beats 8, there was this double page that needed a lot of redrawing. We didn’t think that it was worth the effort, which is why there’s a white bar in the middle. Just ignore it.

<@Enigmatic_Cube> I sometimes wish I wasn’t so serious in my work
<@Enigmatic_Cube> although I wouldn’t know what I’d be doing elsewise
<@Enigmatic_Cube> I know that if I actually lived in japan and if I was lucky I might not be so bad as a light novel author or a script writer for anime
<@Enigmatic_Cube> instead I sit here rambling about useless stuff in a small irc channel

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