Posted by: Blah | August 23, 2011

Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c13

Torrent | MU

18:46 <~Shini-tan> GAH AFK
18:46 <~Shini-tan> wait
18:46 <~Shini-tan> NOW I’m going afk
18:46 <%Menma> …………
18:47 <%Menma> SHINI WHY
18:47 <%Sodium> she actually won while afk
18:47 <%Sodium> gg blah
18:47 <+Aspirin> …
18:47 <%Menma> fml
18:47 <%Sodium> guys, use that as the log for your release
18:47 <%Sodium> =V
18:48 <~Shini-tan> BACK
18:48 <~Shini-tan> DID I WIN
18:48 <~Shini-tan> OH LOL
18:48 <~Shini-tan> YOU GUYS
18:48 <~Shini-tan> YOUR POINTS
18:48 <%Sodium> yeah
18:48 <~Shini-tan> HAHAHA
18:48 <%Sodium> against blah

P.S. This was a game of online mahjong between Shini, Sodium and me.


  1. Thanks for the speedy release! :D

  2. Thank You sooo much for you’r hard work !!

    Love Angel Beats! and you guys just made it possible for fans like me to understand the background of theis favoiret characters ^^

    love to see more of you’r works ! please put ( Izayakaku ) on you’r list ^^

    • With university starting in a few weeks for all of the core staff responsible for this group, I don’t think we’re going to be picking anything new up anytime in the foreseeable future, or at least until we settle down and get used to the workload and stuff.

  3. Sou Desuka??-_-
    then wish you all luck in you’r studies ! and we will still be waiting for Angel Beats! so please don’t forget us ^^

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