Posted by: Blah | September 2, 2011

Kazumi Magica c08

Torrent | MU

Yeah, okay, we’ve stalled this for long enough. Blame delays on Hats for not proofreading this for a week. Angel Beats 14/Omake will be out whenever Shini decides to start typesetting it.

[12:06:02] <%Menma> clearly
[12:06:06] <%Menma> i will be homura
[12:06:08] <%Menma> and turn back time
[12:06:22] <+Crimson> Yes, definit-
[12:06:26] <+Crimson> Who are you
[12:06:57] <%Menma> wat
[12:07:12] <+Crimson> Answer me.
[12:07:18] <+Crimson> Who are you
[12:07:19] <%Menma> wat
[12:07:24] <%Menma> who else
[12:07:44] <+Crimson> *sigh*
[12:08:11] <%Sodium> lolwut
[12:08:11] <+Crimson> Why, or rather, how are you on Menma?
[12:08:20] <%Menma> …
[12:08:31] <%Menma> wtf
[12:08:34] <%Menma> im not hats
[12:08:47] <+Crimson> You’re…not?
[12:08:51] <%Menma> …
[12:08:52] <%Menma> wtf
[12:08:52] <%Sodium> that’s blah
[12:08:54] <%Menma> ^
[12:08:55] <+Crimson> Well, fuck.
[12:09:08] <+Crimson> You sounded like him for a while.
[12:09:11] <+Crimson> Seriously.
[12:09:23] <+Crimson> Go die in a fire blah.


  1. Thanks for the release!

  2. Hey thanks for the release! But just so you know, the MU link isn’t working.

    • Fixed, thanks. Hopefully it’ll stay working this time.

  3. thanks for the release.
    lol on the chat XD

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