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Angel Beats c08 + 5 cm vol2 batch

AB: Torrent | MU
5 cm: Torrent | MU

First off, I would like to apologize for being such a crappy translator for 5 cm. Honestly, it was a really tough series to translate, and I’m definitely glad it’s over, but some of the mistakes I made when translating this second volume were really, really dumb, probably because I was trying to rush to finish it before I left on my vacation. There were just too many pages to fix, so we’re not releasing the fixed pages separately. If you already downloaded the chapters individually as we released them, please delete those and download this batch, because some of the changes were quite major. Hopefully we’ve managed to catch most, if not all, of the major errors in our initial release, and thank you for supporting us.

tl;dr download the 5 cm batch; o9k errors in our initial release

Secondly, in Angel Beats 8, there was this double page that needed a lot of redrawing. We didn’t think that it was worth the effort, which is why there’s a white bar in the middle. Just ignore it.

<@Enigmatic_Cube> I sometimes wish I wasn’t so serious in my work
<@Enigmatic_Cube> although I wouldn’t know what I’d be doing elsewise
<@Enigmatic_Cube> I know that if I actually lived in japan and if I was lucky I might not be so bad as a light novel author or a script writer for anime
<@Enigmatic_Cube> instead I sit here rambling about useless stuff in a small irc channel


  1. Seems I wasn’t able to thank you for AB7, so thanks for the new chapters! :D

  2. was looking on a different manga site and says vol 2 chapters came out a while ago? now i am confused lol. says the newest one is vol 14

    • Another group did chapters 7-13 from magazine scans already, whereas we’re using tank scans.

  3. (5CM) I like this ending way better than the anime XD
    I really wish they didnt ended like that and show us a little more T.T
    thanks for the massive release XD

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