Posted by: Blah | August 11, 2011

Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c07

Torrent | MU

Well, this took a while. Gonna be stalling on Hanairo to work on this because this is infinitely easier to TL/typeset and more people want this anyway. Oh and 5cm batch will come whenever I get some stable internet.

09:44 <%Menma> ugh why am i still up
09:44 <%Menma> gonna go sleep now bye
09:44 <~Shini-tan> wait
09:44 <~Shini-tan> drop off script links
09:44 -!- Menma [] has quit []
09:44 <~Shini-tan> dklsajfdlajl
09:44 <~Shini-tan> CAN YOU READ
09:44 <~Shini-tan> THE WORD “WAIT”

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