Posted by: Blah | September 13, 2011

Angel Beats Heaven’s Door vol2 batch

Torrent | MU

So uh, looks like we missed page 29 on our original chapter releases, so if you don’t want to redownload the entire thing, here it is. (You probably want it; it’s pretty important-looking.)

[20:35:24] <%Sodium> I’m still not sure of my answer for 7 =V
[20:35:33] <%Enigmatic_Cube> IT’S 49!
[20:36:21] <%Sodium> you would think that cube would prefer cubing numbers rather than squaring them
[20:36:36] <~Shini-tan> lolol
[20:39:54] <%Enigmatic_Cube> 49 is just the answer to the universe that’s all.
[20:40:00] <%Sodium> Enigmatic_Cube: that’s 42
[20:40:02] <%Enigmatic_Cube> technically it is the cube of some number
[20:40:04] <%Enigmatic_Cube> oh right.
[20:40:05] <%Enigmatic_Cube> LOL

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