Posted by: Blah | August 19, 2011

Angel Beats Heaven’s Door c11

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Yeah, we know Kazumi tank raws are out. No, it won’t be done anytime soon, because everything needs to be retypeset, and chapter 2 had close to 200 SFX.

12:53 <%Shini-nyan> blah
12:54 <%Shini-nyan> should I bother sending syao ch10
12:54 <%Menma> uh, shes in england right
12:54 <%Shini-nyan> she is somewhere in europe
12:54 <%Menma> yeah i dont think shes been online either so…
12:54 <@GUMI-chan> she has “good grief!” syndrome V:


  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. Thank you so much! you guys are really awesome! thanks for your hard work and the releases.

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