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Kazumi Magica c11

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Delays caused by exams and Shini having to learn an entire course in a week. Oh, and the usual slacking of course.

09:16 <&Crimson> If Steven Kenneth Bonnell II gets elected as the next president
09:16 <&Crimson> I’m fucking transferring to uT.
09:16 <~Kaguya|zz> lol
09:16 <+SwiftBud> isnt he a sc 2 player
09:17 <&Crimson> Yes, he-
09:17 <+SwiftBud> yo i would totally be down with him as president
09:17 <&Crimson> Oh god
09:17 <&Crimson> wrong name.
09:17 <~Kaguya|zz> lolol
09:17 <&Crimson> Rick Perry.
09:17 <%Sodium> …
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOL]
09:17 <&Crimson> THAT bastard needs to be put down.
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOOOOOOOOOOOL
09:17 <~Kaguya|zz> …..
09:17 <%Sodium> wtf Crimson
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOAOOOOOOL
09:17 <+SwiftBud> THAT IS SUCH A BIG
09:17 <+SwiftBud> DIFFERENE
09:17 <+SwiftBud> CE
09:17 <%Sodium> =V
09:17 <+SwiftBud> IN PERSON
09:17 <&Crimson> Oy, SB.
09:17 <+SwiftBud> LOL
09:17 <&Crimson> Everyone makes mistakes.
09:17 <+SwiftBud> fuck
09:17 <+SwiftBud> you made me spit water
09:17 <+SwiftBud> all over
09:17 <+SwiftBud> my
09:17 <+SwiftBud> reference sheet
09:18 <&Crimson> Good, I hope you fucking fail.


  1. This series is just…….. I dont know when its the present and the past anymore…. this is confusing as hell.
    thanks for the chapter anyways

  2. Thank you for the Chapter!
    I hope Kazumi Magica doesn’t crash and burn in the end in terms of story and development.

  3. Is it just me, or does the Megaupload link not work?

    Also, why no Mediafire?

    • It was temporarily unavailable for some reason. Normally, if you wait a while and come back, it’ll be up again. Anyway, I’ve reuploaded it here for you:

      We don’t use Mediafire because it occasionally corrupts .rar files.

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