Posted by: Blah | November 26, 2011

Hanasaku Iroha c05

Torrent | MU

Bet you thought that you’d never see this right? No, this isn’t because Underwater released the last 7 episodes of the anime of this a few days ago (100% coincidence, I swear). Anyway, the reason that this took so long is that we got a new typesetter for this series, Ziggy of Soba Scans (NSFW). She ended up having other stuff to do with her own group, but that’s all right because she went all out typesetting this (and Shini doesn’t want to touch this because of the massive amount of effort this series needs). Enjoy.

Chapters 6+ will probably still take a while because of other issues.

00:09 <~Shini-tan> gg crimson
00:09 <&Crimson> Oh.
00:09 <&Crimson> My.
00:09 <&Crimson> God.
00:09 <~Shini-tan> he got gifted amnesia
00:09 <&Crimson> OH.
00:09 <&Crimson> MY.
00:09 <&Crimson> GOD.
00:09 <~Shini-tan> it’s okay crimson
00:09 <~Shini-tan> when they make a sequel
00:09 <~Shini-tan> I’ll gift you that, too


  1. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  2. I wish I could read next chapter..

    • Stuff happens. Can’t exactly give an ETA, but if we do end up dropping it (not likely though), we’ll be sure to make an announcement.

  3. The torrent is seeder-less and they took down MU.
    Help, please…? :'<

    • Use the DDL or MF links on the projects page.

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