Posted by: Blah | December 8, 2010

Angel Beats! Original Manga

Torrent | MU

Huge scans are huge. This was included with the Last Song single, and it’s really, really random.

Oh and yeah, we are still looking for raws to the Angel Beats manga and 4-koma (preferably in Japanese since double translating is retarded).


  1. […] single came with a short manga + 4-koma; scanlations here: […]

  2. So, is the original manga verison known as “Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door” or is it listed as something else?

    • It’s not; it’s just an extra little something that was included in the single.

  3. Who is the author/artist of this series? What year was it released? Who was the publisher? Was it adapted from another manga or is this a side story?


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