Posted by: Hats | December 21, 2010

Haruhi c18

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We’ll be picking up Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door because:
1. The existing scans are godawful, and
2. The tank raw for volume 1 came out the other day.
Enjoy not-Engrish and non-Comic Sans.

Chapter 19 should be out very shortly and expect maybe 1 or 2 chapters of Angel Beats after that.

[21:00:54] <+Nored> man i make all my char siu bau in my rice cooker
[21:01:00] <+blah1234> bbq pork buns -_-
[21:01:02] <+blah1234> learn to english
[21:01:12] <+Nored> what
[21:01:13] <+Nored> its bbq pork
[21:01:18] <+Nored> i thought it was beef
tl;dr Nored sucks at both languages and gourmet.


  1. It is now official. You guys rock. ;D Wait… you guys already were epic the moment you started it. xD You guys have an IRC channel? -hasn’t looked around the site for it yet-

    • Found it. xD

    • Thanks. :D

      It’s not an actual IRC channel for the scan group though; it’s just where all of us hang out and we decided to start scanning on a whim more or less.

  2. nice!!! they did get drunk in here, loving this manga xDDDD

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