Posted by: Blah | January 16, 2011

Haruhi c20

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lol endless eight

[21:22:23] <+blah1234> endless eight
[21:22:26] <+blah1234> is the first 2 chapters
[21:22:27] <+Hats> orz
[21:22:30] <+Hats> srsly what
[21:22:33] <+Hats> let’s just skip it
[21:22:36] <&Shini-tan> at least it’s a reasonable length
[21:22:36] <+blah1234> no
[21:22:41] <&Shini-tan> rather than lol8eps
[21:22:50] <&Shini-tan> well
[21:22:52] <&Shini-tan> no need to start now
[21:22:52] <+Hats> shini, use blur effects and stuff
[21:22:54] <&Shini-tan> I haven’t cleaned at all
[21:22:57] <+Hats> label them ch18.1, 18.2, etc
[21:23:04] <&Shini-tan> …
[21:23:06] <+blah1234> :/
[21:23:07] <+Hats> slightly change around the dialogue too
[21:23:19] <+blah1234> hats, i love how youre not as apathetic about this compared to fansubbing
[21:23:21] <+Hats> “now you can have the same experience of endless eight (TM) in manga form”
[21:23:26] <+blah1234> lol
[21:23:27] <+Hats> blah it’s because it’s more enjoyable
[21:23:28] <&Shini-tan> fansubbing is so f5
[21:23:30] <+Hats> when doing it with friends
[21:23:32] <+blah1234> put that on our post
[21:23:33] <+blah1234> true
[21:23:33] <+Hats> also, what shini said


  1. thanks for releasing!

    E8 is only 2 chs? reasonable enough, thats how the anime shouldve been

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