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Haruhi c24

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No, we’re not dead. Just slowing down.

[18:10:00] <&Shini-tan> …..
[18:10:06] <&Shini-tan> >search madoka magica on pd
[18:10:07] <&Shini-tan> >pd crashes
[18:10:16] <&Shini-tan> CLEARLY THIS IS KYUBEY’S FAULT
[18:10:18] <+blah1234> rofl
[18:10:24] <+blah1234> speaking of madoka, theres a madoka manga
[18:10:29] <&Shini-tan> yeah I know
[18:10:34] <+blah1234> lol
[18:10:37] <&Shini-tan> first volume came out recently
[18:10:38] <+blah1234> see if you can find it on pd
[18:10:41] <&Shini-tan> that’s what I was looking for
[18:10:43] <+blah1234> ah
[18:10:46] <&Shini-tan> but kyubey does not want me to

We’re interested in doing Madoka; give us raws.


  1. Thanks for the new chapter guys. :)

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