Posted by: Blah | February 25, 2011

Madoka Magica c03 + Haruhi vol5 batch

Madoka: Torrent | MU
Haruhi: Torrent | MU

Chapter you’ve all been waiting for (in terms of storyline… somewhat). Enjoy it, because there were 9001 SFX everywhere.

[22:08:26] <+Nored> !shini select icanlivewithoutlunch lolno
[22:08:26] * %Shini-nyan chooses icanlivewithoutlunch.
[22:08:39] <+blah1234> …
[22:08:57] <&KirisameMarisa> okay so I’m pretty sure that rng doesn’t like nored
[22:09:05] <@Hats> shini, did it take you that long
[22:09:09] <+Nored> !shini select commitsuicide lolno
[22:09:09] * %Shini-nyan chooses commitsuicide.
[22:09:11] <+Nored> well.
[22:09:11] <+blah1234> lol
[22:09:12] <@Hats> www
[22:09:13] <&KirisameMarisa> okay so yeah


  1. These releases have been booming quite a bit within the anime community, I’ve noticed. Good work. I’ve done my own research into the cast as well. I’m surprised (and the JP viewers are surprised also, if Nico comments are any indication) that the foreigner-fanbase made so many correct predictions about Madoka.

    Usually we just say shit about x character will die and x character is a time traveler, but for once we got it right, haha.

  2. madoca magica = enjoyment, discussions, speculations, culture and fanwork

    • *madoka* my bad

  3. awesome thanks :D
    just wondering did she die?

    • yeah, nored’s funeral is tomorrow.
      none of us are going since he’s bald and stupid.

  4. That Madoka Magica manga is pretty bad, better stick with the anime.
    Thanks for scanlating it anyways~

  5. Good work team.

  6. GO TEAM!

  7. Seems that one chapter = one episode.
    Thank you very much

  8. MOAR!!!

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