Posted by: Blah | March 29, 2011

Madoka Magica c07

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[22:56:36] <@Hats> GAH
[22:56:37] <@Hats> MADOKA
[22:56:42] <@Hats> JUST FINISHED EP7
[22:56:44] <+blah1234> lol
[22:56:47] <+blah1234> ep 8 gets worse
[22:56:48] <@Hats> C1000 CM IS DISAPPOINTING
[22:56:50] <+blah1234> …
[22:56:54] <&Shini|zz> ..
[22:56:55] <&Shini|zz> just wait
[22:56:55] <&Shini|zz> for ep8
[22:56:59] <+blah1234> yeah
[22:57:00] <&Shini|zz> and then you’ll see
[22:57:05] <+blah1234> that ep 7 was nothing
[22:57:16] <@Hats> ohgod
[22:57:24] <@Hats> how did mahou shoujo turn into guro
[22:57:29] <+blah1234> lolol


  1. i thought yall already watched Madoka b4 doing this manga ._. poor Hats xD he got trolled good by Urobuchi xD

    thanks for your hard-work ^w^

    • Yeah, this conversation was like a long time ago, back when episode 8 came out.

  2. thanks for the release :D
    just wondering but since Madoka was suspended until further notice is the manga also happening like that?

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