Posted by: Shini | June 27, 2011

Madoka Magica c12 + Hanairo vol1 batch

Madoka: Torrent | MU
Hanairo: Torrent | MU

Still slow, etc. Release delayed because my tablet pen broke and redrawing took 45932759238 hours. Page 134-135 was a nightmare. Anyway, Madoka Magica is now complete; Hanokage added a special change to this chapter which automatically makes the manga a million times better than the anime. Read to find out; you will not be disappointed.
*cough* taking donations for a new pen *cough* A new pen costs $70 wtf wacom

In other news, project status:
– Kazumi ch6 should be out sometime this week; still no tank raws available for vol1
– 5cm vol2 raws where
– Hanairo ch5-6 are being translated, but only the script will be released for now because Hanairo is the definition of typesetting hell so it’s not worth it to do both magazine and tank releases
– Hanairo vol2 out on July 22nd
– Angel Beats vol2 out on July 27th

[10:33:05] <~Shini-tan> oh god
[10:33:07] <~Shini-tan> I come downstairs
[10:33:10] <~Shini-tan> the kyubeys are on the floor
[10:33:14] <~Shini-tan> GUYS THEY ARE ALIVE
[10:34:06] <+Crimson> …..what :/
[10:34:35] <~Shini-tan> uh
[10:34:39] <~Shini-tan> remember these
[10:34:49] <~Shini-tan> I took the left 2 home
[10:34:53] <~Shini-tan> they normally sit on my desk
[10:34:57] <~Shini-tan> but today I woke up, went downstairs
[10:35:00] <~Shini-tan> and they were on the floor.
[10:35:12] <+Crimson> They have clearly been out to recruit Puella Magi.
[10:35:14] <~Shini-tan> right side up too.
[10:35:34] <+Crimson> Shini, looks like your turn’s coming up :/
[10:35:43] <~Shini-tan> ….
[10:35:51] <+Crimson> Well, it was nice knowing you :(


  1. They still didn’t kiss, I am disappoint! (Well, as disappointed as one can reasonably be in what has ended up being one of that topmost percentage of truly incredible series). I’m a bit sorry all over again that it’s over, although at the same time I’m always happy when something amazing is made and the companies involved DON’T end up endlessly trying to capitalize on it until it’s wrung dry but rather leave it as its own work.

    Thanks so much for finishing this off, sorry about your pen. Yeah, Wacom is a bit of a racket sometimes, we all suffer from it.

  2. For a moment I thought the pic was Kei from Akaiito…

  3. I shed a tear… or a lot of ’em… I thought Madoka (the anime) was simply perfect, but somehow this surpasses that.

    PD: twin-tail Homura is WIN

  4. Thanks for this. I’m glad that the manga lives up to the anime. I didn’t think it was possible given how complex ep. 9-12 were but somehow Hanokage pulled it off.

  5. Ehi guys, do you plan to release a batch for vol3?

    • Yeah, I’ll do it sometime soon.

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