Posted by: Blah | July 4, 2011

Kowarekake no Orgel c01

Torrent | MU


[12:44:29] <~Shini-tan> orz page merge
[12:44:38] <%Menma> it should line up perfectly
[12:44:42] <%Menma> cause :online viewer:
[12:44:45] <~Shini-tan> oh
[12:44:46] <~Shini-tan> right
[12:45:14] <~Shini-tan> WHOA
[12:45:16] <~Shini-tan> THAT WAS AMAZING
[12:45:19] <~Shini-tan> WHY CAN’T ALL MANGA BE ONLINE
[12:45:20] <%Menma> lol
[12:45:20] <~Shini-tan> HOLY CRAP
[12:45:24] <~Shini-tan> oh man
[12:45:27] <~Shini-tan> this is amazing
[12:45:41] <%Menma> easiest manga to work with ever?

Easiest translation I’ve ever done too; the script was only 200 lines long.


  1. This may be totally random, but I just wanted to let you guys know the 2nd volume of 5cm per second is out. o/

    This link to the 2nd volume via another site.

    • Thanks! :D

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