Posted by: Blah | July 18, 2011

5 cm c08

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So uh, releases will probably be a bit slow until mid-August because I’m on vacation. 5 cm is completely translated so that should be finished eventually. I’m not done translating Hanairo 6 yet, but hopefully I can finish that before the actual volume comes out on the 22nd. Angel Beats will most likely be delayed until I get back. I’ll try my best to not delay Kazumi and Orgel too much.

[15:34:14] <+Crimson> Sleep Y/N
[15:34:16] <+Crimson> !shini select no no
[15:34:16] * %Shini-nyan chooses yes.
[15:34:18] <+Crimson> FML
[15:34:20] <@Civet> GG
[15:34:21] <~Shini-tan> lolololololol
[15:34:23] <@Civet> SLEEP TIME
[15:34:26] <%Menma> lol
[15:34:29] <+Crimson> Aw fuck
[15:34:31] <%Menma> hats edit
[15:34:31] <+Crimson> this is terrible.
[15:34:35] * +Crimson (~Crimson@Tainted.Bloody.Skies) Quit (Quit: Sleepan)
[15:34:36] <@Civet> !shini select no no
[15:34:36] * %Shini-nyan chooses yes.
[15:34:39] <@Civet> WHAT IS THIS
[15:34:42] <%Menma> gg
[15:34:42] <@Civet> CHANCE IS 1%
[15:34:43] <~Shini-tan> LOL
[15:34:46] <@GUMI-chan> it is telling you to edit.
[15:34:46] <%Menma> its 10%
[15:34:54] <~Shini-tan> hats you have to edit now
[15:34:55] <@Civet> cumulative is 1%
[15:35:02] <@Civet> ok I will, as soon as I make sure crimson is sleeping
[15:35:04] <~Shini-tan> you made crimson sleep after that so now you have to edit
[15:35:07] <~Shini-tan> lol


  1. thank you so much for doing this :)

  2. Tah. :)

  3. Wow, thanks! :)

  4. I don’t know if I must be thankful for this release. It makes me depressed…

    Thank you anyway and enjoy your vacation.

  5. Thank you very much!!

  6. Aw, but I want Angel Beats. I miss Ooyama. Ooyama is so cute~ The best ! He’s the best !

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