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Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door c04

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Happy New Year~ Guess how we spent New Year’s Eve.

[00:01:27] <&Shana-tan> so in the end we did manage to play tenhou through the new year
[00:01:29] <+blah1234> lol
[00:01:30] <+Hats> yes
[00:01:31] <+Hats> yes we did
[00:01:35] <+Hats> good work guys

Note: Tenhou = online mahjong

Earlier that night, on MSN:
(5:57 PM) [Hats]: can you tenhou tonight
(5:57 PM) [Nored]: on new years eve?
(5:57 PM) [Nored]: what do you take me for, some kind of loser?
The reason Nored never gets on IRC is clearly that he has to pretend he isn’t some kind of loser who plays mahjong on New Year’s Eve.


  1. Thanks for your releases, so much nicer then the other one.

    also will you guys be translating the 4 komas considering no one else has. also there is the special online comics found on the main site here

    • Someone’s done the 4komas, but we don’t have raws so we can’t really do it. If we can get like tank raws or something, we might.

      As for the online comics, we’ll consider it.

  2. how about you bishes put this on mangamax…?

    • Uh. Maybe. If I get the :effort: to do so. And if I get the :effort: to update that as well. I guess I’ll do it once we’re done this volume.

    • How about you go do it yourself since I’m lazy?

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