Posted by: Blah | January 3, 2011

Haruhi vol4 Batch

Torrent | MU

Nothing’s been changed; don’t get unless you’ve been waiting for the entire volume to read or something. As mentioned before, individual torrents are going to be removed.

[21:15:31] <+blah1234> guys, making the post for the volume batch for haruhi
[21:15:32] <+blah1234> anything to say
[21:15:37] <&Shini-tan> uh
[21:15:39] <&Shini-tan> wait
[21:15:40] <&Shini-tan> lemme think
[21:15:46] <+Hats> lemme copypasta stuff from that commie post
[21:15:47] <+Hats> onesec
[21:16:05] <+Hats> COMMIE WHERE IS MY TWGOK
[21:16:10] <+blah1234> lolwhat
[21:16:16] <+Hats> <+zeroj-X10A> WHERE IS MY TWGOK
[21:16:17] <+blah1234> im not even following commie
[21:16:18] <+blah1234> so no
[21:16:23] <+Hats> I’m not even watching twgok
[21:16:26] <+Hats> put it on anyways
[21:16:31] <+blah1234> …
[21:16:34] <+blah1234> !shini select yes no
[21:16:36] * &Shini-nyan chooses yes.
[21:16:44] <+blah1234> k gonna copy this entire log then
[21:16:52] <+Hats> ┐(´_ゝ`)┌
[21:16:56] <+Hats> include this line ^
[21:17:02] <+blah1234> lol, k

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