Posted by: Blah | January 5, 2011

Angel Beats! Heaven’s Door c05

Torrent | MU

Enigmatic_Cube was jealous that Hats got to advertise his blog, so here’s an advertisement for his:

[17:14:33] <+Hats> orz I think I ate a rock
[17:14:36] <+blah1234> …
[17:14:37] <&Shini-tan> ….
[17:14:40] <+Hats> was eating and random hard “crunch” sound
[17:14:40] <+Sodium> wat
[17:14:47] <+Hats> last time it was a pebble in my lettuce (during dinner)
[17:14:51] <+blah1234> ….
[17:14:52] <+Hats> so this time I can’t be sure it isn’t anymore
[17:14:54] <&Shini-tan> ……
[17:14:54] <+Sodium> wat
[17:14:57] <+blah1234> what are your parents cooking
[17:14:58] <+Hats> I don’t know
[17:15:02] <&Shini-tan> hats, what is wrong with your food
[17:15:08] <+Hats> I don’t know
[17:15:12] <+Hats> I just don’t know

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