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Haruhi c21

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Man, QCs, how do those work.

[20:08:43] <%Hats> we are good enough that qc’s are unnecessary
[20:08:53] <+blah1234> :/
[20:08:56] <+blah1234> we’re being gg then
[20:08:58] <+Hisa> lol
[20:09:00] <%Hats> no
[20:09:13] <%Hats> koda believes that qc’s are unnecessary because the editors and stuff should get good
[20:09:24] <+Nored> ^
[20:09:33] <+blah1234> nored, no
[20:09:51] <+Hisa> lmao
[20:10:25] <%Hats> anyways in our case it’s because we actually have good enough english that it doesn’t matter
[20:10:35] <%Hats> that and none of us can even tell if shini makes mistakes ._.
[20:10:41] <+blah1234> lol
[20:10:45] <+blah1234> like >dark blue
[20:11:00] <+Hisa> o.o
[20:11:01] <&Shini-tan> if it wasn’t forced grayscale you’d notice
[20:11:21] <+blah1234> tsu, one time shini typeset half a chapter in dark blue instead of black
[20:11:25] <+Hisa> lmao
[20:11:30] <+blah1234> and it ended up as really dark grey cause greyscale
[20:11:33] <+blah1234> so we didnt notice
[20:11:40] <+Hisa> how did you even find out o_O
[20:11:43] <+blah1234> she told us
[20:11:46] <+Hisa> oh, lmao
[20:11:47] <%Hats> lolwut
[20:11:49] <&Shini-tan> (I realized halfway through and changed colour to black)
[20:11:51] <+Hisa> ahhh
[20:11:52] <%Hats> nice
[20:11:59] <&Shini-tan> but it was too f5 to go back and change the previous pages


  1. Thanks heaps guys. :)

  2. now, this is a proper Endless Eight, thanks guys ^w^

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