Posted by: Hats | January 31, 2011

we need money

If you’ve been on lately, you would notice that everyone in Canada basically got hit by the duopoly ISPs that are Bell and Rogers. What this means for this group, which has the majority of its members in Canada, is that we’re all paying out our noses for bandwidth. (Shini is paying $40/month for a mere 25 GB of data transfer per month, and speeds of 5 mbps/800 kbps.)

In other words, we’d appreciate any free money (most people call them “donations”), since it would help with the arduous work that is scanlating well. In other words, support good English and donate!


  1. I hope Internet would be free or cheap one day. I understand and feel sorry for Canadian ppl buuuut $40/month for a 25 GB is cheaper than in my part of Europe C:

  2. wow, that really sucks hard… im glad i’m living here, even if my speed isn’t that good (top is 130 kbps for DLs and 15 kbps for ULs) at least ISPs dont limit my usage, my condolences Q.Q i’ll try to donate when i get some money

  3. if i donate i want u slackers scanlating some decent mangas, good ending…and another one your choice..

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