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Madoka Magica c01

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So finally, here it is. Madoka Magica chapter 1. We went with “Puella Magi” for two reasons:

  • “Magical Girl” sounds retarded, and
  • RNG said so.

As for other random stuff that’s somewhat related:

  1. We are doing Puella Magi Kazumi Magica, a spinoff of Madoka Magica. While we did find raws off PD, they had watermarks every 10 pages, so if you have access to any non-watermarked raws, please tell us. Otherwise, Shini’s going to have to ‘shop them out, which is quite a pain (although it shouldn’t be as bad as redrawing).
  2. Credits page was a choice between MORNING RESCUE and huge Kyubey face. Which one did RNG decide on? You’ll have to download and see for yourself.
  3. ( ω )

[21:32:07] <+blah1234> man chapter titles match up /exactly/ to the anime episode titles
[21:32:40] <+blah1234> i swear i could probably copy the anime script or something
[21:32:54] <@Medaka> do it just for lulz
[21:32:59] <+blah1234> lolno
[21:32:59] <@Medaka> like, copypaste
[21:33:05] <%Shini-nyan> we are the best translators ever etc
[21:33:09] <@Medaka> use gg’s script for extra win
[21:33:17] <+blah1234> RANDOM MORNING RESCUE
[21:33:22] <@Medaka> yes
[21:33:23] <+blah1234> IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE
[21:33:24] <@Medaka> every chapter
[21:33:26] <@Medaka> page 14
[21:33:27] <%Shini-nyan> YES
[21:33:28] <%Shini-nyan> DONE
[21:33:29] <@Medaka> MORNING RESCUE AD
[21:33:34] <+blah1234> shini, use it for the credits page
[21:33:37] <@Medaka> NO
[21:33:42] <@Medaka> IT IS PAGE 14 OF EVERY CHAPTER.


  1. Magical Bitch > Puella magi > Magical Girl

  2. Thanks guys! Really glad someone finally picked up this series.

  3. Thanks guys, it looks fantastic!

  4. Awesome!
    Thanks a lot for the hard work

  5. Sweet, keep it up!

  6. Thank you very much!

  7. Is there any quality control of the translation if you just ripped off another group’s translations?

    • …We didn’t? I translated this from scratch.

  8. Thanks a lot, keep up the great work!

  9. thanks thanks thanks thanks!!!!

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  11. Thanks for all the hard work guys. I can now enjoy my favourite lich anime in manga form!


  13. thank you so much! very much appreciated

  14. I can’t say that “puella magi” is a good idea. Actually, it’s weird. It sounds EVEN MORE RETARDED than magical girl. Unless the original has it in Latin, then you should stop using it.

    If you don’t want to translate into English, just use mahou Shoujo. If you do want to translate it into English, but don’t like “magical girl”, you could use “young witch” or “little witch”, which would capture the underage female magic user meaning of the original.

    • ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

      Actually, all of us agreed that “Puella Magi” sounded better than “Magical Girl”, and another reason we used it was because that it is in the official title. Well, I suppose it’s all subjective. Just change it in your mind as you’re reading if it really annoys you that much.

    • rng picked puella magi over mahou shoujo.

      that is all.

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