Posted by: Blah | February 18, 2011

Regarding Kazumi Magica

Okay, so we worked some stuff out with /a/non. We’ll be jointing with them on Kazumi for chapters 2+. You can read the full IRC chat log below, but the tl;dr is that a) he’ll be taking care of the translations and we’ll do the rest, b) he’ll be getting unprocessed raws from that guy on PD and supplying them to us, and c) chapter 1 will be re-done when tank raws come out.

[21:13:23] * anonscans (anonscans@hostname) has joined #fang-tan
[21:13:25] * Fang-tan sets mode: +v anonscans
[21:13:38] <+anonscans> I’m here to talk about Kazumi Magica
[21:13:44] <+anonscans> Sorry for being late
[21:13:59] <&Shini-tan> oh, hi
[21:14:02] <&Shini-tan> blah are you there
[21:14:05] <&Shini-tan> please say yes
[21:14:05] <+blah1234> ?
[21:14:08] <+blah1234> oh
[21:14:18] <+blah1234> uh
[21:14:30] <+blah1234> basically, what i was thinking of was maybe you can tl and we do the rest or something
[21:14:48] <+anonscans> Hmmm
[21:15:12] <+blah1234> (because i dont think my japanese is better than yours)
[21:16:02] <+anonscans> Have you guys contacted the PD raw provider?
[21:16:07] <+blah1234> nope…
[21:16:12] <+blah1234> we never planned to actually, lol
[21:16:17] <+anonscans> Oh
[21:16:21] <+blah1234> cause shini said she could ‘shop out the watermarks if we had to
[21:16:33] <+anonscans> Uh
[21:16:51] <+anonscans> Because I asked him
[21:16:56] <+blah1234> oh
[21:17:05] <+blah1234> did he say he’d give the unfiltered raws?
[21:17:05] <+anonscans> and he gavve me the unprocessed and unwatermarked way
[21:17:08] <+anonscans> *raw
[21:17:11] <+blah1234> oh, nice
[21:17:11] <+anonscans> yea
[21:17:34] <+blah1234> so iono, maybe we could re-release chapter 1 or something
[21:17:44] <+anonscans> Sure
[21:18:47] <+anonscans> Anyways, ask (email hidden) for future raws
[21:18:52] <+anonscans>
[21:18:57] <+anonscans> Here’s ch 1
[21:19:07] <+blah1234> whoa huge
[21:19:14] <+anonscans> 3000px tall
[21:19:17] <+anonscans> 300dpi
[21:19:25] <+blah1234> wow, for once we can release in png
[21:19:30] <&Shini-tan> wwww
[21:19:36] <+anonscans> lol
[21:19:47] <&Shini-tan> kinda feels like a waste though
[21:20:07] <+blah1234> yeah, considering all of the manga readers and people have already read the first version
[21:20:12] <+blah1234> do you want to wait for tank raws or something?
[21:20:13] <+anonscans> Yea
[21:20:19] <+anonscans> That was what I was thinking
[21:20:23] <+blah1234> mm
[21:20:57] <+blah1234> so iono, how do you wanna work this out? like send us tl for the next chapters when they come out and we handle/release it?
[21:21:19] <+anonscans> Okay
[21:21:26] <+anonscans> That sounds that it works
[21:21:38] <+blah1234> how do you wanna be creditted? just as /a/non for the tl?
[21:22:01] <+anonscans> Either way is fine
[21:22:04] <+blah1234> oh actually, since youve already asked him once and he kinda knows you, mind grabbing and reuploading the unprocessed raws somewhere too?
[21:22:17] <+anonscans> Oh
[21:22:50] <+anonscans> On it
[21:22:57] <+blah1234> awesome

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