Posted by: Hats | March 12, 2011

Kazumi Magica c02

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Our first joint with /a/nonymous scanlations.

[22:08:23] <~Shini-tan> there is so much fanservice in kazumi lol
[22:08:27] <+blah1234> yeah :/
[22:08:37] <+blah1234> i kinda feel bad reading it cause >lolis
Blah’s a closet lolicon and secretly loves ecchi, so don’t read too much into this.

<Blah hijack>Hats, that’s you, not me.</hijack>

[12:14:40] <~Shini-tan> “there were 169 sfx in this chapter”
[12:14:52] <+Aspirin> “guess how many were tled?”
[12:14:59] <~Shini-tan> all of them ._.
Apparently typesetting SFX is a massive pain.


  1. I have only one comment about Kazumi in this one:


    ; ; I like the old hair…

    • ^that Q.Q new hairstyle doesn’t suit her, and it has nothing to do wih my long-black hair fetish >_> well, maybe a bit…

      I’m loving the artwork for this series, and i have some mixed feelings about this plot ~w~ witches seem to have a different origin than in the anime, according to this, witches can be turned back to their human forms. Did this come out long before the anime?? thatd be why. Anyways, Kazumi is <3.

      PD: Blah, even if u're not a lolicon, u'll soon awake to it, it happens to all of us. No exceptions ~w~

      • Did this come out long before the anime??

        No, this came out after. And my friend says that the artwork is a lot worse in this compared to Madoka, lol.

        PD: Blah, even if u’re not a lolicon, u’ll soon awake to it, it happens to all of us. No exceptions ~w~


      • Long hair Kazumi is best.

        And yes, Blah is a lolicon. w

  2. is this a prequel or sequel to madoka?

    • Neither, it’s a sidestory.

    • Actually, it’s not even a sidestory; it’s a complete spinoff.

      If you want prequel, wait for Oriko Magica, which comes out April 12.

  3. This looks promising. Thanks.

  4. thanks so much for scanlating this!!

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