Posted by: Blah | March 17, 2011

Madoka Magica c05

Torrent | MU

Yeah, we know two anons from 4chan already did all of volume 2. Well sorry for having lives and being slow. >_>

14:31 <&KirisameMarisa> how much did those madoka scans suck
14:31 <%blah1234> >hurful
14:31 <&KirisameMarisa> …
14:32 <%Sodium> full of hurr
14:32 <%blah1234> indeed
14:38 <@Hats> *full of hurf
14:38 <@Hats> god na, get it right


  1. Will you guys do all of the Puella Magi series?

    • That’s what we intend on doing, yes.

  2. vol 2 ehhh, i’d prefer shini-tan release, thanks …
    btw, are you interested for scanlate strike witches, no group scanlate them :(

    • I think we already have enough projects, but I guess we’ll see.

  3. 4chan scans are speedscans. Your scans are qualityscans. Noone would ever archive a scan by two random /a/nons. Thank you guys!

  4. Thank you again ,and don’t bother about it , quality scans >speed scans .

  5. I hope you’ll still do those chapters! I’d definitely prefer to wait for higher quality releases over speed scans. I mean it’s not like we don’t already know what’s going to happen lol… Thank you for all your hard work and please know that there are fans who DO appreciate what you’ve done so far and hope you’ll keep scanlating the series.

  6. Thank you for the chapter. I saw those anon scans and I yelled at my computer, “These scans are horrible! The quality sucks and where did they learn grammar?!? Gahhh!!” So I stopped reading them and waited for your release ^^

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