Posted by: Shini | April 8, 2011

Madoka Magica vol2 batch

Volume 2: Torrent | MU

Have some Kyubey. Also, apparently Haruhi is dropped due to lack of interest and we are now maybe scanlating Strike Witches instead.

Blah edit: It really depends how translating Strike Witches goes, because I haven’t watched the anime. Well, we’ll see.


  1. nooo…
    dont drop haruhi…

  2. Strike Witches? Yea, you are my Heroes!!!
    Long live Shini-tan Scans …

    And, tku for Madoka batch, really appreciated

    • sup dawg
      I nixed the project, so there will be no strike witches

  3. PLS dont drop Haruhi plsssssssssssssss………………………..

    i dont wanna read the light novels T.T (it will take me forever to finish them)
    i rather read the manga T.T

  5. Please dont drop haruhi Q_Q

  6. strike witches sucks ass, the story goes absolutely nowhere!

  7. WAIT! I thought the translation of Haruhi was dropped throughout the internet. I didn’t know you guys picked up on her and I been collecting her manga. This very same reason may also explain the lack of interest. Please don’t drop her…otherwise I’ll have to start waiting for the licensed releases in 6 month intervals. please please please!

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