Posted by: Hats | April 11, 2011

sup dawg

haruhi dropped because it’s a pile of crap, go read the light novels instead.

go support the shitty monopoly that is Canadian bookstore here.

no more complaints kthx

also strike witches isn’t getting picked up because no eila and the artist is a faggot


  1. Haruhi is shit, but it’s kind of sad to see a group dropping a poor little manga who never wanted to do harm.
    Look at how miserable it is now, nobody is going to pick it up and bring him home.

  2. sooo this website is gonna be solely on Magical Girls o.o

    • it already is

  3. Sorry to hear that you’ve dropped haruhi suzumiya. I was wondering why the releases suddenly stopped.

    Good luck with your other projects guys and thank you for scanlating haruhi thus far!

  4. this news makes me a sad panda Q.Q oh well, as long as i still get Kazumi and Madoka (in Madoka runes if possible ~w~) u guys are still awesome… i just hope u pick up Haruhi again somewhere along the line >w> or i’ll have to start saving for the outrageous international shipping fares -_-

  5. I wants me some eromanga!!!! :o

  6. ^^ me too.

    Good idea to drop Haruhi, though. ;)

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