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5 cm c01

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Yeah, we randomly picked this up.

Shini-tan edit: NO ONE CARES HOW MANY OTHER GROUPS ARE SCANLATING THIS; WE’RE STILL GOING TO DO IT. You guys had half a year to get it out so stop complaining.

[10:08:07] <%blah1234> ugh wtf 5 cm is harder to translate than i thought itd be
[10:08:10] <%blah1234> WHAT IS SCIENCE
[10:08:17] <+Aspirin> what, is there science in it?
[10:08:21] <%blah1234> yes
[10:08:24] <+Aspirin> grab the translations off the movie
[10:08:24] <%blah1234> a lot of it
[10:08:25] <+Aspirin> or make it up
[10:08:31] <%blah1234> see, this is all manga original
[10:08:40] <%blah1234> there is nothing about this in the movie
[10:08:41] <+Aspirin> if they’re doing chemistry, make up your own questions
[10:08:44] <%blah1234> its not
[10:08:48] <+Aspirin> bio?
[10:08:54] <+Aspirin> just go on about the krebs cycle
[10:08:59] <+Aspirin> physics, talk about kinematics
[10:09:01] <%blah1234> its physics + ancient stuff about dinosaurs and history of the earth
[10:09:04] <%blah1234> its light
[10:09:09] <%blah1234> like diffuse reflection fml
[10:09:12] <+Aspirin> hum, pretend they’re teaching creationism
[10:09:20] <&Marisa|zz> ….
[10:09:56] <+Aspirin> “and on the second day god – wait a sec, we’re shinto buddhists”
[10:10:01] <%blah1234> man first line in the movie is on page 36


  1. 5 cm is taken already, sorry guys :D

    • We’re probably not going to drop this, seeing how you haven’t even released it yet, and how it’s nowhere in sight on your website, either.

      Also, who said that two groups can’t do the same series?

    • sup dawg, your group and site both suck and you’re shit-slow, so either hurry up or stop whining. kthx

      • @ Hats
        1. wasn’t whining.
        2. learn to talk properly
        3. not interested in this project anymore, so do as you like.
        and @ Blah, thanks but 2 groups doing the same series just wastes time. ^^ good luck and great releases so far!

  2. I friggin’ love you all Q.Q 5 cm per second is probably my most favorite anime movie ever, i’ve wanted to read this since it came out last year *-* THANK YOU!!!!!

  3. E-A is actually working on it atm

  4. Thanks for 5CM!

    Maybe the various groups can work together to finish the series, but I always thought it was kind of unfair how groups “claim” series without putting out a single chapter. Just a couple pennies…

  5. I like the 5cm tnx from translating it!…. really great!!!…

    but is it the same in the movie? i wish not same..

    • There’s a lot of extra stuff that wasn’t in the movie.

  6. thanks for this :)

  7. You people now have god status in my eyes. 5 Cm per Second is without a doubt my favorite movie in any genre. I’m loving the additional info that gives Byousoku more depth (imo). And kudos to the translator who translated all the science jargon. You have made one leech and 5 CMPS fan exceedingly happy.

    • Thanks! :D

  8. Awesome release, Thanks guys!


  9. i dont see how you can claim “5 cm” when you guys havent released a single chapter and who said you cant have more than 1 group releasing the same manga. the more competition the better.
    well ima give this a try.
    thanks for the release XD

  10. I haven’t seen the anime. Hell, I haven’t watched any anime for 2 years, and even ten most of it was crap anyway. I don’t know what to expect from this series, but I really liked the first chapter. I look forward to more releases of this manga from you guys. Keep up the good work!

  11. Good going. Nice series. :)

    Thanks for the chapter.

  12. Just thought I’d stop by and show my appreciation for the chapter. I’m a sucker for romance and really think that this story will be highly enjoyable.

    Also, has your group considered opening the IRC channel to the public? Could be fun to chat with fans and fellow manga/anime enthusiasts.

    • Technically, it is open to the public. You can join if you want. It’s just that most of us know each other IRL so we’re talking about non-anime/manga stuff most of the time.

      • Maybe I’m just dumb and my web-fu skills are weak, but I’ve not seen any mention of an IRC address anywhere on this site. >_>

    • Check the staff page. That, and someone added it on Manga Updates too.

  13. Hi, I do not pretend to be a bother, but I had to ask this question hehe. Do international groups (in Spanish in my case) we may use your translations(the image not) ? What should we do if the answer is yes?

    Well, leaving aside the answer … I really want to thank you for making this manga into English. Since the announcement, I was hoping that someone translate it. (I do not understand written Japanese heh.)
    So thank you very much guys. ^-^
    And sorry for my awful english xD

    • Go ahead and use it; just credit us somewhere I guess.

  14. Thank you.

    Good translation.

  15. tell me about it…
    i was trying to translate the book…
    but i didn’t expect such a complicated dialogs from the chars…
    i give up after i translated the first 25 pages…

    good luck with it….
    you are doing pretty well :D

  16. Hey Blah, I was thinking of starting. Seeing that your group released it first, want to pair-up. ATM, I’m not in a group, but I can Translate the series as help or joint…

    • nah, it’s fine; we’re pretty well-staffed right now.

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