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5 cm c04-05

Chapter 4: Torrent | MU
Chapter 5: Torrent | MU

Delays, etc. Well, at least the first volume’s done. Second volume is supposed to be out by now, but we can’t find any RAWs, so if anyone has any, please tell us. Batch will come in a bit; there will actually be a few changed pages for once because I derped while I was translating/editing the script.

And uh, we’ll probably end up scanlating Oriko Magica. Why?

[21:58:36] <~Shini-tan> WE WILL SCANLATE ORIKO MAGICA
[21:58:37] <~Shini-tan> BECAUSE
[21:58:38] <~Shini-tan> IT HAS HOMURA
[21:58:39] <~Shini-tan> AND HOMURA IS MOE

May will be one hell of a month: Oriko/Kazumi volume 1 on May 13; Madoka volume 3 on May 30, and Hats and I both have like 5 concurrent assignments for English. Oh well.

Shini-tan: I have four as well, you know.

[21:59:58] <~Shini-tan> I have a foolproof plan to find something entertaining for log
[21:59:59] <~Shini-tan> .quote random
[22:00:02] <%Sodium> Shini-tan: =V
[22:00:03] <%Menma> rofl
[22:00:03] <~Shini-tan> dlskjflajdflafjlasjflajdflasfjla
[22:00:05] <~Shini-tan> lfksajdlfajlfjdlafjdla
[22:00:06] <~Shini-tan> what is lag
[22:00:09] <%Menma> this works though
[22:00:09] <%Sodium> okay, this works
[22:00:12] <~Shini-tan> what
[22:00:14] <%Menma> i think quotes bot died or something
[22:00:38] <%Sodium> Shini-tan: your foolproof plan was indeed foolproof


  1. Thank you.

  2. hahahaha, the log is quite funny, if i took the meaning right, lol

  3. Are your releases of Oriko going to have anything to do with what /a/non are doing?

    • No. We’ll be slowscanning it as usual because we want to do the series.

  4. Thanks for the HQ release.

  5. Wow! Thank you for these two chapters! <3 Hope that someone can provide you with raws for the next volume!

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