Posted by: Shini | May 15, 2011

wtf are raws

There are no raws for anything. No Oriko, no Kazumi, not even 5cm. We cleared out our schedules in preparation for an onslaught of releases, and are instead idly refreshing for raws (or at least I am). We even considered picking up another side project in the meantime, but there were no raws for that, either. wtf are raws.

tl;dr no releases until raws show up

Edit: Tried another side project, which also had no raws.

Blah edit: Guess we’ll pick up Hanasaku Iroha. It’s personally my second favourite show this season (with Ano Hana being first) and the other group doing it doesn’t do this series justice (i.e. the translations and English are atrocious).

In the end, we went through 5 series that had no raws whatsoever: Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, The Place Promised in Our Early Days, Otome Youkai Zakuro and the two complete Bungaku Shoujo mangas. Japan, why you do this.

Shini-tan: Okay, so I finish downloading vol1 of Hanasaku Iroha and then Oriko/Kazumi both come out at the same time. wtf is timing. Anyway, this means that HanaIro will be stalled until we get through all of this, and Oriko will come out sometime in the near future. Kazumi will be after that.

Blah: (tl;dr JAPAN WHY)
[22:55:57] <~Shini-tan> DL DONE
[22:55:58] <~Shini-tan> DONE DONE DONE
[22:56:23] <~Shini-tan> INSIDE THIS ZIP
[22:56:25] <~Shini-tan> THERE IS A ZIP
[22:56:44] <~Shini-tan> YOU KNOW WHAT
[22:56:46] <~Shini-tan> INB4 THIS IS A TROLL
[22:56:49] <~Shini-tan> AND INFINITE ZIPS
[22:56:54] <%Menma> RECURSION GO
[22:57:13] <~Shini-tan> SAKFJLFJAL
[22:57:14] <~Shini-tan> WTF
[22:57:16] <~Shini-tan> THERE IS A PASSWORD
[22:57:19] <%Menma> ……
[22:57:20] <@Bananafish> trololol
[22:57:24] <%Menma> RAR PASSWORD CRACKER GO
[22:57:32] <~Shini-tan> it’s a zip
[22:57:36] <%Sodium> aren’t those usually lolbruteforce?
[22:57:38] <~Shini-tan> ANYWAY I AM PRETTY MAD RIGHT NOW
[22:57:39] <%Menma> zip password cracker
[22:57:44] <@Bananafish> they /are/ lolbruteforce
[23:01:54] <~Shini-tan> OH WAIT LOL
[23:01:55] <~Shini-tan> I FORGOT
[23:01:58] <~Shini-tan> THERE WAS AN HTML FILE INCLUDED
[23:02:01] <@Bananafish> :V
[23:02:46] <~Shini-tan> GOD DAMMIT
[23:02:53] <~Shini-tan> IT’S A RIDDLE OR SOMETHING
[23:02:56] <%Menma> orz
[23:02:57] <%Menma> what is it
[23:02:58] <~Shini-tan> BUT IT’S IN JAP
[23:03:00] <~Shini-tan> uh
[23:03:01] <%Menma> copy paste
[23:03:03] <~Shini-tan> k there was a link
[23:03:07] <~Shini-tan> saying ‘password’
[23:03:11] <~Shini-tan> which takes you to basically a google search
[23:03:15] <~Shini-tan> and then there’s a wall of text
[23:03:18] <%Menma> link?
[23:03:19] <~Shini-tan> that is too f5 to read
[23:03:23] <~Shini-tan> it’s an html file.
[23:03:32] <~Shini-tan> !paste
[23:03:32] <%Shini-nyan>
[23:03:35] <%Menma> like the google link
[23:03:42] <~Shini-tan> that has no info
[23:03:47] <%Menma> JAPAN WHY YOU DO THIS
[23:04:01] <~Shini-tan>
[23:04:24] <~Shini-tan> oh wait
[23:04:30] <~Shini-tan> you have to register an email or something
[23:04:32] <~Shini-tan> k screw this
[23:04:33] <%Menma> yeah
[23:04:34] <~Shini-tan> reading is f5
[23:04:37] <~Shini-tan> blah figure it out
[23:07:05] <%Menma> its something wih registering and crap
[23:07:06] <~Shini-tan> k I’m uploading it now
[23:07:10] <~Shini-tan> see if you can figure it out
[23:09:55] <~Shini-tan> my upload froze
[23:10:05] <~Shini-tan> and now it crashed
[23:10:11] <~Shini-tan> GUYS ORIKO IS EVIL
[23:10:20] <~Shini-tan> I HATE THIS MANGA ALREADY


  1. It’s sad there aren’t any Otome Youkai Zakuro raws. It’s such a great anime.

    Now I hope the AB! volume two will come out soon, too…

  2. Question: Are there any differences in Kazumi vol 1 from the serialized chapters? What about any additions? I’m aware there are some artwork changes.

    • There’s probably a few bonus pages (afterword, etc). Don’t think there’ll be any dialogue changes, but we haven’t seen the raws yet.

      • Ah, thank you very much. I wish I could find raws myself so I can check the differences, but…

  3. 23:01:55] I FORGOT

    Now that you’ve seen the password-protected kind of false file, did you see the zips that only have some sound file in it? They’re everywhere. At least they’re easier to identify…

    • This one has supposed images, and the password requires some sort of registration and a long-ass method of getting a 6-character password. I gave up trying to get the password so we’ll just wait for someone else to upload the raws.

  4. Let me give you a bro-tip if you want to pick up Iroha. Square Enix’s website has chapters 1, 5 and 6 uploaded. That way, you don’t have to clean most of chapter 1, and you get the two chapters after the first volume

    • I don’t see where you’re finding chapter 1, but we have tank raws for that so it’s okay. As for the other two chapters, thanks. I can get those translated while we wait for volume 2 to come out to save some time.

      • It’s at the bottom now

  5. It’s really irritating that raws are nowhere to find, I was also searching for The Place Promised in Our Early Days and Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo but couldn’t find them anywhere. I’m a huge fan of Shinkai’s works and loved Otome Youkai Zakuro so I really wish the best for you to find some good raws for any of your projects!^^

    Also thank you for your wonderful scanlations! *chu*

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