Posted by: Blah | May 16, 2011

Okay, screw this

Not doing Oriko. For various reasons.

  1. There are already two other groups doing it. Waste of effort. If it were just one other group, that’d still be somewhat reasonable.
  2. No raws. While theoretically we could just take anon’s raws, I feel kinda bad for not just helping them on their open scanlation party instead.
  3. We might as well work on other stuff that’s not being scanlated. And it’s not like we can compete with the speed of the other groups.
  4. The art isn’t particularly appealing, unlike the Madoka manga.

As for whose you should read, I’m more partial to anon/4chan’s based on what I’ve seen (the first eight pages). It’s not perfect, but at least the English is a lot better compared to the 4chan Madoka volume 2 scans. Yurikai’s just doesn’t flow that well, and their translation is off in various places, specifically the line on page 11 where they translated it to “It’s okay to tell Kyubey” when it should have been something along the lines of “Kyubey, I have some good news for you” (for those of you who know Japanese, it was キュゥべえ、いいお知らせよ).

Yurikai’s typesetting is gorgeous though; they put so much effort into the sound effects even though they say that it’s a speedscan.

Anyway, look forward to other series from us I guess.


  1. WHY.

    • I already listed three four reasons out.

  2. > I’m more partial to anon/4chan’s based on what I’ve seen

    But /a/non are not doing Chapter 1…

    • I guess I should have expected that from them. Anyway, just read Yurikai’s for chapter 1 and follow anon for the rest of the series.

  3. hey, why dont you translate 1 love 9 (ema touyama), i have raw

    • We’re already pretty busy with what we have, and aren’t really looking to scanlate anything else for a while (if anything, next would be one of the Bungaku Shoujo series). Sorry.

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