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Hanasaku Iroha c02

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No, Chapter 3 will not be out soon. Well, probably before the end of the month, but not as fast as this came out.

[20:56] <@Bananafish> I just remembered another life tip from the persian
[20:56] <@Bananafish> “never ever ever never ever ever ever never date a girl older than you
[20:56] <%Menma> rofl
[20:56] <@Bananafish> “she has stds”
[20:56] <%Menma> ..
[20:56] <~Shini-tan> lolwhat
[20:56] <@Bananafish> inorite
[20:57] <@Bananafish> actually no, I made it sound too coherent
[20:57] <@Bananafish> “date a girl a grade older than you cuz then she’ll have stds”
[20:58] <~Shini-tan> what, so two grades is fine?
[20:58] <@Bananafish> I don’t remember how he phrased it exactly
[20:59] <@Bananafish> but it was gramatically incorrect while maintaining vague coherency


  1. Oh~hana~

  2. Another Shini-tan release of a series I know….may I talk with shini-tan, there’s something I wish to talk to him/her about.

    Green Moriyama

    • Sent an email to the email you used to post this comment.

      • I’ve sent back what I wished to talk about.

  3. Hi, this is xxmimixx2 from the scanlation group Night Constellations and I’m currently the raw provider of the group. We’re currently working on this series too and some of the other members were wondering if we could do some kind of joint for in the lines of that.

    To, me the quality of this release is really good and it would be exciting to work with you guys if possible =D.

    • We have, as a group, taken a great deal of time in considering your offer. In the process, we have closely examined the nature of your scanlations, with reference to translation and scanning quality. Furthermore, we have rigorously sampled your typesetting and other associated results. In conclusion, we find that a joint with your group would be in pursuance to a policy construed perpendicularly in pursuance to Shini-tan Scans policy. We have acted accordingly to the aforementioned conclusion, and congratulate you on the nature of your scanlations. In addition, we wish to bring your attention to a previous communication sent from our email address to yours which treats with the matter much more briefly.

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