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Kazumi Magica c05

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Finally something interesting in this series. Enjoy.

HanaIro 3 @ Typeset, 4 @ TL. I will most likely prioritize HanaIro 4 before Madoka because 4chan will probably speedscan it again. HanaIro, on the other hand, doesn’t have any other group doing it at a decent pace.

09:22 <+Crimson> Oh god
09:23 <+Crimson> so my mom is in the shower
09:23 <+Crimson> and she’s screaming at me to go in and get rid of a somewhat large bug.
09:23 <+Crimson> What do :/
09:23 <~Shini-tan> …
09:23 <%Menma> :/
09:23 <+Crimson> HELP SHINI D:
09:23 <~Shini-tan> …..
09:23 <+AnActOfStupidity> go kill the bug
09:23 <+Crimson> !shini select killbug stayoutofit
09:23 * Shini-nyan chooses stayoutofit.
09:23 <~Shini-tan> if you don’t she’ll get mad at you, won’t she
09:23 <+Aspirin> throw her a slipper or something
09:23 <+Crimson> I have no idea.
09:23 <+Crimson> She covered it
09:24 <+Crimson> with a bucket.
09:24 <+Crimson> lol
09:24 <~Shini-tan> …
09:24 <~Shini-tan> normally when I see a bug in the shower
09:24 <+Aspirin> tell her that you’ll deal with it later
09:24 <%Menma> :/
09:24 <~Shini-tan> I just spray it with the shower head
09:24 <+Crimson> My mom said she did that
09:24 <+Crimson> but it didn’t work :/
09:24 <~Shini-tan> …
09:24 <+Crimson> lol
09:25 <+Aspirin> well, you could always have her leave the bucket over the bug
09:25 <+Crimson> And thus, the ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ is born.
09:25 <%Menma> lol
09:25 <+Aspirin> then, when she’s done, drill a hole in the top of the bucket
09:25 <+Aspirin> fill it with poison gas
09:25 <~Shini-tan> …
09:25 <+Aspirin> wait 15 minutes
09:25 <%Menma> :/
09:25 <+Aspirin> (after covering the hole)
09:25 <~Shini-tan> won’t it leak out
09:25 <~Shini-tan> because o-
09:25 <~Shini-tan> yeah okay
09:25 <+Crimson> Aspirin, I’ll just throw it out.
09:25 <~Shini-tan> but then
09:25 <~Shini-tan> eventually you’ll have to move the bucket
09:25 <+Aspirin> and then overturn the bucket, run the water like mad, open all the windows and go for a long walk
09:25 <+Crimson> Either that
09:26 <~Shini-tan> …
09:26 <+Crimson> or my dad will catch it with his hands
09:26 <+Crimson> and keep it as a pet :/
09:26 <~Shini-tan> …….
09:26 <+Aspirin> how big is the bug, exactly?
09:26 <+Crimson> My dad catches cockroaches with his hands.
09:26 <+Crimson> Err, it’s the size of
09:26 <+Crimson> a cockroach
09:26 <+Aspirin> ah
09:27 <+Crimson> Ohgod
09:27 <+Crimson> dad is going in
09:28 <~Shini-tan> …
09:28 <+Crimson> he always throws the bugs at me :/
09:28 <+Crimson> I hate it.
09:28 <~Shini-tan> …..
09:28 <~Shini-tan> wtf
09:28 <%Menma> …
09:28 <+Crimson> Onesec fighting dad
09:29 <+Crimson> Okay
09:29 <+Crimson> so I caught the bug
09:29 <+Crimson> and threw it out the window.
09:29 <~Shini-tan> nice.
09:29 <+Crimson> Problem solved.
09:29 <+Crimson> brb washing hands 10x.


  1. Thank you.

  2. This series is so much better than Madoka…
    thanks for the release XD

  3. thank you

    but, “all’abbiata”? shouldn’t be “all’arrabbiata”?
    abbiata doesn’t exists as word, while arrabbiata is the name of a dish
    ok little readers will notice this since they don’t know the language it is from….

    • In Japanese, the “l” sound is pronounced as “r”. So, it’s actually “magicarrabbiata”, a combination of “magica(l)” and “arrabbiata”.

      • but… wasn’t being followed the translation from /a/nonymous scanlation?
        there they used as title “Magica all’Arrabbiata” which sounded correct to me, instead of the “magicallabbiata”? used in the scans which looks like gibberish ‘_’

        “arrabbiata” is an italian word, so using “r” was correct, and “all'” is like “the”, is part of the grammatic,
        so “magicaall’arrabbiata” wasn’t a trasnslation error it was the correct translation :| more correct than the literal translation i think (magicarrabbiata would have been acceptable, but it was used magicallabiata which is gibberish in japanese/english/italian)

        i know it’s unlikely to have it corrected, but i needed to notice this ‘-‘

        only to ask, it was the proofreading to alter the translation?

  4. ^”Magica all’Arrabbiata” a space got eat before in the post ‘_’

    • Yeah, our scanlation is based on /a/non’s translation, but I also changed it. First of all, his translation was somewhat wrong in the sense that the original Japanese only had one ‘r’ sound – technically, I suppose it should have been Magica Arrabbiata, but I decided to actually change it into a pun between “magical” and “arrabbiata”. Sure, it probably causes some confusion, but I think it makes more sense.

      • x_x yep it was confusing
        so “magical” + “arrabbiata” = “magicallabbiata” ? ò_o some “r” turned in “l”… oh well, i give up x_x (and pun=mix different words together?)
        and yes, romanization of occidental words by japaneses can’t be perfectly the same as the original occidental word… dunno if it’s common to keep the romanized or the original word format

        the pun was probably from “pasta all’arrabiata” where it was changed pasta in magica(short of magical girl) (now i’m wondering if /a/non knows italian or if has done some research to translate this)
        “pasta all’arrabbiata” = pasta with tomato sauce (–> magica cooked with sauce)
        “pasta arrabbiata” = pasta angry ò_o (–> magica angry)
        more than a pun, it was a reference
        my opinion, but the former translation was more “complete”

        this won’t be the last italian word in this serie, as they seems to like to use them for attacks names (and for titles), so please refrain from literal translation next times :|

    • If anything, that was a more liberal translation than literal, because I took the liberty of changing it into a pun. I prefer keeping it to what the Japanese said (for example, see our Madoka ch3 where even though Mami’s attack is called “Tiro Finale” and the manga said “Filo Finale”, I kept it as “Filo Finale”, which was corrected in ch10), so if I’m changing it to anything for the volume batch with tank raws (if any even show up), it’ll be to Magica Arrabbiata.

      • k, thanks for the attention
        and sorry for the bother for such a little thing :P

  5. add.
    i would suggest, if you can and have time, to discuss the changes in the translation or to ask doubts about it with /a/non (if you have a contact or the like)

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