Posted by: Blah | June 17, 2011

Madoka Magica c11

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Out before anons. D: Blame delays on Hats not editing. Hanairo 4 will be out when it’s QCed.

[19:16:31] <%GUMI-chan> blitz
[19:16:34] <%GUMI-chan> make a business
[19:16:36] <%GUMI-chan> hire us
[19:16:44] <%GUMI-chan> Lev can be the super awesome guy from microsoft and amazon
[19:16:49] <%GUMI-chan> I’ll just be… the guy you knew
[19:16:53] <%GUMI-chan> LETS BE FAMOUS
[19:17:07] <+Blitzwing01> GUMI-chan: what kind of business would i make?
[19:17:15] <%GUMI-chan> eroge.


  1. Art by Hetaling =) Guaranteed diabeetus

  2. Homura is badass, nuff said, thanks for your hard work

  3. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks a lot, I´m eagerly waiting for the big finale.

  5. Thank you.

  6. Thanks a lot man , great chapter as always , thanks also to all the staff >.>

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